Why doesn't Netflix play 5.1 through Dish? Does work directly from tv though.

  • 25 November 2022
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Brand new Sonos Arc, subwoofer, and 2x 1SL’s.   Brand new Samsung QN90B.   Sonos is hooked up to eARC port with high speed new HDMI cables.

The Dish gives 5.1 sound on regular tv channels and Amazon app on Dish.   But when I stream Netflix movie through Dish app, it’s flat stereo sound and nothing from rear speakers.

If I use the Netflix app on the Samsung tv, I do get 5.1 sound.


And where on the Sonos app on Android phone does it show what the sound quality/type is?



4 replies

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The audio format is displayed on the Now Playing screen in the Sonos app.

What kind of Netflix subscription do you have? If the play the film Don’t Look Up, what audio format is displayed in the Sonos app?



Through Dish - it says Multichannel PCM 5.1 and I don’t hear anything from back speakers.    Directly through TV it says Dolby Multichannel PCM 5.1 and I hear sound from back speakers.


We have a free plan though T-Mobile that is not the UHD, but still 1080p HD.   Standard plan is what it’s called.   It’s not basic, but not the top tier 4K Ultra HD


Thanks for pointing out where you see the sound resolution on the app.   I did not know that.

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Make sure the Digital Audio Output setting on your TV is set to Passthrough and test Don’t Look Up again.


I changed that setting from “auto” to “pass-through”.    The rear speakers still don’t play and my Sonos app still says “Multichannel PCM 5.1”.     

I did just try Amazon Prime through Dish and it said “Dolby Digital Plus 5.1”.

Maybe Dish doesn’t do a good job of interfacing with Netflix?     If needed, and I want to watch Netflix, I can go straight to the app on the tv and not use Netflix through Dish.

If you do have any other suggestions, I’m open.  I eventually have to figure out why 2021 Sony Blu-Ray player plays DVD’s just fine, but when it plays cd’s, it’s all distorted.   I was hoping that “pass-through” setting would have fixed that, but it doesn’t.