Vava 4K Projector + Sonos Soundbar + Arcana = HELP!

  • 15 January 2021
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Greetings. I purchased a VAVA 4K Projector recently as well as a Sonos Arc Soundbar and sub. As many have noted, there are prevalent lip sync issues with this setup which is slightly annoying to downright bothersome. Hoping to fix this, I purchased HDFURYs ARCANA which arrived yesterday, and wouldn't you know it I'm one HDMI short.  I am currently awaiting for it to arrive, however as there was no instructions with the ARCANA, I emailed support just to make certain I had everything I needed to fix this my chagrin they stated that VAVA has "issues" (no detail) with the Arcana and that it "would not work" to fix my audio problem. He stated I would need to purchase their proprietary "Vertex2" or "DIVA" with it to make it work...these cost over $400. Considering I've  dumped nearly $5000 on my current setup, I can't help but feel angry. Is this tech support person BSing just to get me to buy more of their products, or once I get the additional HDMI will I be fine? Thanks.

5 replies

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The only way to know is to test after you get the HDMI cable. If the Arcana still doesn’t fix your problem, go to HDFury’s Discord forum and the HDFury team and Arcana users will help troubleshoot your problem and help you find the best solution.

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On the discord channel, a couple of Vava users reported that the Vertex2 to get the Arcana to work with that PJ. 
OP, if the Arcana doesn’t work for you, you can arrange a return with HDFury. 

Appreciate the feedback...gah, friggin absurd it costs an additional $700 (arcana + vertex2) to get proper audio with Sonos Arc. I mean....gah.

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I do regret getting the Arc in that aspect and no DTS support.

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It does seem the projector has issues implementing ARC as both the Arc and the Arcana have problems with it.