Use Sub in 2.1 setup with Sonos Connect

  • 28 May 2018
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I have a Sonos Connect going into my Denon 6200 receiver using the analog l/r cables. Is there anyway to get any subwoofer output from this setup? I have set my speakers to "small: so that it supposedly forces LFE to my sub at 80hz and yet I turn the volume up on my powered sub (Paradigm subwoofer) and I hear no audible difference (on the receiver I just see it set to L/R). This is driving me nuts as the setup sounds so weak relative to when I stream music via my apple TV. So either I use apple tv for music and I have no multi-room capability or I use my Sonos connect and have multi-room but then our family room sounds inferior to the play 5 speakers in other rooms. Help please.

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5 replies

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HI there, npa201. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. From the sound of it, it seems that the Denon 6200 is not passing the lower frequencies to the Paradigm. From what you described, Sonos is responsible for feeding signal to the Denon. At that point, it is up to the Denon receiver to pass the signal to the appropriately connected outs. You may want to take a closer look at the 6200 manual to determine if there are settings that need to be addressed.

When you test audio from the Paradigm, can you feel the driver moving? You can adjust the level of the SUB, however, that is only helpful if we are getting a signal at all.
Sorry for the long delay in between responses. I seem to still can’t figure this out. I have now tried both using an analog cable from the connect into the Denton 6200 and now an optical cable and still no bass output. There does not appear to be any signal coming to the sub. However, when I change the source going to the receiver to Apple TV, Xbox, DVR, etc. i get a signal coming to the sub. Is there a setting on the Sonos Connect or app that I’m missing in order to get the signal? Thank you.
That Denon is probably set to Pure output for that source, meaning it will play 2 channel audio as 2.0. Try switching it to another mode, like Stereo, which will put the sub in the mix.
Thanks so much for the quick reply. It does appear to turn on the sub, however, it also appears as though the audio processing creates a slight delay (like milliseconds) but enough to be noticeable when playing the Sonos connect in my family room and Play 5 in the adjacent kitchen and living room. I assume there is no way to add a delay on the Play 5’s similar to a lip sync mode? Thanks.
No, there is no way to add delay.