Sonos with Amazon Firestick

  • 24 February 2017
  • 9 replies

I have a fire stick in a home theater at my house. I would like to plug my fire stick directly into the HDMI of my projector, but I don't want to run audio cables. Is it possible to get the fire stick to communicate with my Sonos system over WiFi? Also, would there be an audio delay if I were to do this?

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9 replies

No, the firestick won't connect to your Sonos system (for sound) over wifi. How are you currently sending the audio to your Sonos system? What Sonos components do you have? If you have a playbar, what is it connected to?
I have a wireless WiFi HDMI router from cable to my projector and my sound bar is connected to that. But every now and then I need to reset the HDMI router because it loses connection. I was hoping to avoid that by connecting my fire stick directly to my projector and not have to run audio cables through my basement.
Sorry, I can't picture in my mind how that works. You say "from cable", but I don't quite get that.

Do you mean that you have the HDMI router next to a cable box, and you're wirelessly casting the signal to the projector? Ah, that would make sense. Then you have the Playbar connected to the Cable box, and not the TV/Projector, which means that you're restricted to one sound source, the cable. And you're trying to add a separate device, another HDMI input, and get that wirelessly into your Playbar. Not possible, I think. Does that wireless WiFi HDMI router have a single HDMI input, or does it have multiple? And does it have an optical output? If not, It sounds like you might be a candidate for one of those switches that takes multiple HDMI inputs and pulls out the optical sound stream and sends a single HDMI output, which you could then connect to your WiFi HDMI router.

None of this fixes the need for you to have to reset the router, though.
I want to create a similar set up. Connect the fire stick directly to the hdmi input on my projector but have the sound output to my sonos play 5 by wireless. What is the best way to schieve this?
Need a little more information, if you'd be so kind. How do you mean "wireless"?

The only way to get an exterior sound source into a Play:5 is by hooking up a cable to the line-in 3.5mm jack. That being said, I suppose it's possible to get some device that will receive the audio from the fire stick, convert it to analog (only stereo, mind you) and then output it on a 3.5mm cable that can be plugged in to the Play:5. Is there such a device that the fire stick can cast audio to? If so, what output connections does it have? That will determine how you'd be able to connect the two.

Unfortunately, I don't have a fire stick, so I'm unfamiliar with it's output options. But isn't it just an HDMI device, with no other ports?
Thanks for the quick response Bruce. The projector is attached to the ceiling so i'd prefer not to hardwire any output from either the projector or firestick to my sonos 5. I was hoping that there might be a bluetooth or wifi solution. Regards Steve
Ah, well, there's no Bluetooth receiver in any of the Sonos products. You could, however, get a Bluetooth receiver and then hook it up to the Play:5 using a 3.5mm cable. The caveat is that there's a slight delay in the analog input of any Sonos device (except the Playbar/Playbase, since it's a digital signal) of about 70 to 80ms, as it preps the data to be sent out across the 2.4 Ghz network that Sonos uses. And before you ask, no, I don't think there's any way to get around that delay. It bothers some people, and some it doesn't, it all depends on how your own ears and mind are wired, and your tolerance to lip-sync issues. But i'd think that there'd be a slight additional delay in the processing of the bluetooth signal in whatever device is sending/receiving it.

There's quite a few threads on these boards from people who have done similar things (although not specifically with a fire stick that I can remember). While it's pretty awful in execution, there is a search function on these boards. I'd look for Bluetooth. and see what hits you get. You'll have to wade through a lot of them, though, most seem to be people who are angry that Sonos has decided that Bluetooth isn't a particularly good solution, and doesn't work well with what Sonos is trying to do, which is whole home synchronized music.

Good luck!
Thanks again for the info Bruce. Sounds like a bit of experimentation required to find the optimal solution.
You're most welcome!