Sonos Beam Audio Cutting Out

  • 7 December 2018
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I recently purchased the Sonos Beam and connected it to my Insignia NS-48d510na15 via Optical input and have had issues with the audio cutting out often throughout the course of a one hour show. I tried connecting via the HDMI-ARC as well and am still having issues with the audio cutting out. In addition I have noticed the sound volume getting louder and quieter while switching shows from time to time (this is the least of my worries right now, but thought would try and document all the current issues). I recently tried playing music through the speakers via airplay and Sonos app and do not notice the sound cutting out, but its harder to tell with music than while watching a show. Lastly, I have tried cleaning the optical cable on the connector side, but not the TV side, I plan on trying that next week when i get the proper tools. Is there any other reasons I may be having issues? Please help. Thank you!

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4 replies

I am connecting my sonos beam to an early samsung smart tv without an hdmi arc connection, so i use the optical converter. I am use 2 play 1s with surround sound. The audio keeps dropping. I have submitted diagnostics. The number is 1349876075

What am i doing wrong please?
I just purchased a sonos beam and I am extremely disappointed - my audio is also cutting out. I own many other Sonos speakers and connects and have never had this issue. Seems that this is a problem with the soundbar itself and not a connection issue. Has anyone found a remedy to this issue? Any advice would be helpful - otherwise, I'll need to return this beam.
I found my solution. Its a bit embarrassing. The optical connection was loose. I'd never used one of these cables before. I had left the dust caps on. Oops.

Removed them, connection not loose any more and sound is perfect. Love the beam.
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Hi folks,

If you're having audio interruptions, please reproduce the issue then submit a diagnostic report. Reply here with the confirmation number and I'll check it out.