Sonos Arc: Packaging Tease

  • 13 May 2020
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Found this. I wonder if the packaging is generic or colored coded depending upon if one orders the Arc in White or Black. I remember my Play 5’s (gen2) in “white” were in a dark multi-colored box. However since then Sonos One/One SL box colors matched the enclosed product. 

It also appears that the box will have a similar lock on both ends (red tab) as the Play 5’s (gen2).

BTW...the caption is part of the image and not this poster.



7 replies

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The picture of the speaker should be the color of the actual product inside.

Can I ask - what is included in the box?  I’m wanting to know if there’s a high speed HDMI cable, as I’ve ordered the Arc and want to make sure I've got everything ready when it arrives

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The contents are listed here on the shop page under Features and Specs > Contents.

In the box you’ll find a power cable, HDMI cable, Optical Audio Adapter, QuickStart Guide, Legal & Warranty Information, and of course, the Arc itself.

Ahh I don’t know why I hadn’t seen that before. That’s great, thank you :-)

do you have one? Allowed to say anything so far about it?  Just ordered 2 x SL, the new Sub and the Arc when they were first up for pre-order and I’m geekily counting down the days!

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Beta testers aren’t allowed to talk about products until they’re officially released. But the soundbar that’s definitely not sitting in my living room sounds amazing. In my opinion, far better than the Playbar I moved to a different room.


Briliant.  I want to be a beta tester next time around!  I’m glad you haven’t got a sound bar and it’s not brilliant. I can’t wait to also not enjoy it

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Cant wait for my 1st Sonos product - Arc in white for my media room and hook it up to my Sony with eArc and listen to Dolby Atmos from the soundbar . Do you know if they would actually arrive on June 10th for preorders placed in USA ?