SONOS ARC - Fire Cube - Projector

  • 15 January 2021
  • 2 replies

Please help.  Sonos ARC - New Fire Cube - Projector.  I can play music through Alexa App from Cube to ARC.  What I can’t do is get sound from video.  I tried a splitter from my cube to projector and ARC, but no sound is coming from the ARC.  My projector has no ARC HDMI - the only output sound via old school audio cable.  I have a new Cube and new ARC and we can’t use them to watch TV.

2 replies

The Arc requires an HDMI-ARC input, so won't work if you feed it an HDMI signal,  which is what a standard HDMI switch will do.

If you have an optical out on the switch you could use this with the supplied adapter. 

To get the best out of the Arc, including Dolby Atmos, I suggest the HDFury Arcana device.

The Arc is not really designed for projectors, but for TVs. (That is in the nature of soundbar based systems,)

Thanks John B, we don’t have a TV only a projector.  There is no optical out on the projector.  I was using my old fire tv that had an optical out, but the fire cube only has one HDMI out and no other “out” that I can figure out how to go to the ARC. 

I ordered the HDFury