Sky Q, Sonos Beam lip sync issues

  • 20 April 2020
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Hi all, 

recently purchased Sonos Beam


I have Sky Q 2TB box connected to HDMI 1 on my Samsung Q80R, with Beam connected via HDMI ARC.


audio through TV apps back to beam is perfect, no lag at all, whereas I’ve got lip sync issues when watching sky Q.

my audio sky q settings are correct, DD and audio delay set to 0ms.

Ive carried out a test by connecting the Sky Q box directly to the Beam and the lip sync issue vanishes, if I leave it set up like this though, I lose the Beam sound for TV apps like Netflix etc.

anyone help? Samsung didn’t want to know, said the issue isn’t with the tv.

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Hello @McG,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for reaching out to us here with your concerns.

It looks like you’ve narrowed the issue down to the either the Sky Q box or the way that your TV is processing the signal from that source and passing it on to your Beam.  

While I wouldn’t usually recommend using a switch or a splitter, I know that some other users have been able to resolve this issue by diverting the audio signal before it reaches the TV. 

You may want to read through the Home Theater discussions to see what sort of configuration has been successful with other users.