Should I get a Sonos Beam?

  • 23 July 2018
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Hi everyone,

I currently have a Sonos Playbar, 2 x Play 3's as Surround and a Sub. The sound quality is amazing for both TV and music. However, I'm now thinking about replacing the Playbar with a Beam.

I've read the Beam does not have the same quality as the Playbar, but would the additional Play 3's and Sub make up for any loss? Would there be any difference at all?

Has anyone replaced the Playbar with the Beam when they already have Surrounds/Subs? What was your verdict?



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2 replies

I have the same setup as you in my family room, and have added Beams in other rooms. I wouldn't replace my playbar with a Beam. I love the sound quality of the Beam in the rooms they are in, but I don't think it will sound as good as the playbar in the larger family room. The sub and surrounds aren't going to improve things enough when playing tv audio as the surrounds do very little in 5.1 audio. Really I think it's going to come down to the size of the room.

All that said, you can try out the Beam and return in 45 days when you buy direct from Sonos. Of course, chances are that you'll want to use the Beam in another room if it doesn't work in your room with the playbar.

What features are driving you to the decision? Voice Control? TV control through HDMI-ARC? Airplay 2? Just the size and look of the Beam?
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Thanks for your answer. The main feature was voice control as I'm finding the connection between my Amazon Echo and Sonos quite unreliable. I have a Sonos One in the bedroom and having built in Alexa seams to work a lot better. The family room is about 10 feet by 20 feet (3m by 6m).