Samsung One Remote and Playbar

  • 2 September 2016
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I just bought a UE55KS8005XXE (or UE55KS8000XXE outside Denmark) and it came with the Samsung One Remote (

How do I configure the Playbar for this signal?
It does have a IR-transmitter to act as a universal remote, but I can't seem to make it respond.

Can anyone shed light on this? 🙂

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4 replies


While I don't have any experience with this model SAMSUNG, in general, there is an option on the remote setup to control an A/V receiver. In this mode the remote will emit IR commands. The A/V receiver model that you use is arbitrary, but I would avoid picking a model that is within IR range. Once you have the SAMSUNG remote configured, train PLAYBAR to respond to these Volume commands.
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I have the same problem with my new UE55KS8000 TV and its "universal" remote. The Samsung universal remote mainly uses RF (Bluetooth?) signals to control the tv and HDMI attached compatible equipment. I say "mainly" because it does use an infra red (IR) signal to switch on and off the TV so the IR functionality is there. The Sonos system relies solely on an IR signal so it is impossible to adjust the Sonos sound bar volume using the Samsung universal remote.

I have spoken to Sonos who are aware of this incompatibility but don't seem to be doing anything about it. I have also spoken to Samsung who say the don't want to help Sonos out because Samsung make there own sound bar which is compatible with their universal remote.

If Sonos technical people read this community forum, could I please make a big request that you do what you can to sort this incompatibility because if I was a Samsung TV owner, I would be stopped from buying a Sonos sound bar because of this.

A response from Sonos technical support would be appreciated.
I'm glad that you resurrected this topic, Hugh.

I do not have a solution, but I can witness that there is one.

I used a lot of time, trying to configure it without luck - until one magic day when the Samsung TV had made the connections.

My Samsung TV not controls the Sonos playbar volume when on TV and while watching with my Apple TV.
If I use my PS4 though, it cannot control it - as the audio system isn't set as linked for it.

I will be glad to take some pictures of my configuration, when I get home and post it here - it might help you in the setup.

But all in all - I have the original samsung universal remote controlling my channels on the TV and volume on the Sonos without hassel.

For info: the Samsung does use IR for some commands, that are relevant to a universal remote - not just on/off 🙂
Hugh_3, alright - lets get to it.

As I don't want to take the chance of breaking my setup - I'll just describe how I think it works. If someone are able to confirm it, please reply it so that I can edit the original topic with the solution.

1. First, the SONOS Playbar is connected through SPDIF / Optical and turned on.

2. You then go to the Universal remote setup by pressing the home button and choosing "Setup Universal Remote"
Here you add a new device and choose "Home Theater" and point it to the optical connection and finish the setup(I can't go into more detail as my TV limits me due to it already being set up).

3. Add the video-device (PS4, Apple TV etc.) through normal menu.

4. Confirm that the video-device is working (you are able to get video-feed, but not able to control volume).

5. Go to the Universal Remote setup again, select the video device and press the middle key - you should know be able to choose your Home Theater (SONOS Playbar) and it will connect the 2 devices. It might take you through a 2-part setup menu. In this menu you will first choose the port of your Home Theater (optical) and afterwards the HDMI-port for the video device (HDMI 1-4).

After you've connected the two devices (Sonos Playbar and lets say Apple TV) you will be able to control the volume using the Universal Remote. I hope this goes for you guys too - but I can control the volume on Sonos with the Apple TV remote as well.

I hope this will help some of you in getting it to work 🙂