Problems getting 5.1 to my sonos surround to work (PS4 pro and PC)

  • 23 October 2018
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I have read numerous posts about people having problems with sonos and getting the surround system all setup but no solution have worked for me.

I have a Sonos playbar, the sub and two play 1. The Tv i have is a Philips 55PUS7150/12. All hdmi ports are marked ARC. From what I understand the tv should be able to do the conversions of audio and hdmi to optical audio and what not.

What i've had is the playbar connected to the tv and my PC and PS4 pro connected to the tv with hdmi cables.
PS4 pro problems:
So what i did in the ps4 sound settings having "Primary output port" to "HDMI OUT" and changing "Audio Format (Priority)" to "Bitstream (dolby)". Before this the sonos app said in the "about sonos" that it only recieved stereo, but after this it stated dolby digital 5.1 in the sonos app. However in practice it wasn't.
I've tried playing "test 5.1" videos on the ps4 youtube app with no success (though some people claim the youtube app isn't 5.1 compatible). I've also tried playing netflix videos that clearly states they are 5.1 but no sound what so ever is coming out from the two play 1 surround speakers. I also tried playing Game of Thrones from HBO Nordic PS4 app that I know is 5.1 and the Sub is actually giving me something but the play 1s are not. I have been listening with my ears pressed to the play 1s and hear absolutely nothing.

I get the same result when plugging the optical cable directly from the playbar to the PS4, and changing "Primary output port" to Optical.

I thought maybe the play ones were broken, but when playing music in the room they are playing the music.

As for the PC problem is that the pc doesn't seem to recognize that the tv can understand 5.1. It is connected to a nvidia gtx 1070 graphics card. And from the sound settings on the computer i can only choose stereo. This seems to be an unsolvable issue with people buying new soundcards in order to make it work. I haven't tried one of those switches some people try as well, supposedly making the tv-pc "handshake" realize the tv can handle 5.1 (Don't understand everything regarding this but something like that, right?). Although I feel the pc problems are secondary to ps4 problems.

However I doubt my PC problems will be fixed since it doesn't seem like the left and right surround speakers are doing their job.

Also I've been looking for som sound test to check if the surround is working. The one on the ps4 youtube app didn't work, but since I'm not sure the youtube app even supports 5.1... Do you know of any that would surly work?

I feel like I've tried everything at this point and have no idea how to go on...

A long post filled with desperation, all suggestions are welcome and ideas on how to solve my issues

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Hi St3nen

Here's a possible solution for your PS4:

Here's a link for Netflix:

Here's a link for YouTube:

I don't have a suggestion for PC. Although I do recall something about a RealTek product resolving the issue:?. Maybe another member can offer assistance.

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9 replies

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Hi St3nen

Here's a possible solution for your PS4:

Here's a link for Netflix:

Here's a link for YouTube:

I don't have a suggestion for PC. Although I do recall something about a RealTek product resolving the issue:?. Maybe another member can offer assistance.

Thanks for quick answer!

As I explained in my post I've already tried that. Although I did have the top one "Dolby Digital 5.1ch" Checked. When unchecking that one I only get stereo.

As explained the sonos app does state that it receives 5.1, both with the playbar connected directly to the ps4 (and audio output setting to optical) AND with the playbar connected to the tv (and audio output setting to hdmi).

I do notice the Sub is active, so it seems the ".1" is working. But I can't seem to get any sound from the play:1 surround speakers. This seems to be my main problem
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Hi again

You may have set everything correctly for your TV audio, but just in case click the link for detailed setting information on Page 15:


Yes, the tv sound settings is set to multichannel.
One difference though is since I have sonos i don't really have a Home Theatre System (HTS) that they refer to. Only the playbar connected to the tv and then i guess sonos does the hts-stuff? But maybe that was self explanatory?
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Below is the switch I have used with my Sonos HT from the beginning to connect the gear mentioned. Read more at the link and below it is another link with comments I found in the Sonos Community

Apple TV
Cable Box

It works perfectly delivering DD5.1 for Blu-Ray, Apps and games. The designers even worked with me to write a line of code for my Samsung plasma. Samsung's seem to be soooo finicky 😠. ain't cheap:8 Good luck to resolve your issues.


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What kind of signal does the Playbar say it is getting? (Hidden in the About page). Sounds like Dolby Digital to me (the sub working is the clue). The TV is likely down converting the DD 5.1 HDMI input to Stereo over optical, a very common problem. Both my TVs did this. My LG needed a setting in the hidden Service Menu changed, my Samsung needed to use an EDID Faker to force it to emit DD 5.1 over optical.
The sonos app is indeed showing it as it receives "dolby digital 5.1" and at least the ".1" is working. The sub is givving me sound, and the sound from the playbar is noticeably better than when the sonos app says "stereo".

My problem is with the two play:1s, it doesn't seem like they output anything. Or that there is some bug in my sonos surround setup and the play:1s are not inicluded.
I don't know for sure since there is no way for me to test a 5.1 I know for sure! Both HBO and Netflix should have 5.1 and the sub is playing, but with my ear pressed to the surround channels in the Game of Thrones intro gives me nothing.

Maybe this is a question for the sonos support?
If you're going to call Sonos support, you may want to submit a system diagnostic first. Save you some time on the phone.

I'd be looking at the surround speaker's volume settings in the advanced area of the room settings. If your SUB is working, then it's not (I think) an issue with the sound bar's wifi card.
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For your PC surround problem: There's a workaround available which enables Dolby Digital 5.1 surround support on 'any' endpoint (such as NVIDIA HDMI). Info can be found here:
I've tested it myself and works pretty good. Good luck!