Playbase and LG Magic remote

  • 3 September 2021
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Another completely random and inexplicable fail. Have had a Sonos Playbase for about three years now. It’s been set up under the LG Oled TV all that time and has worked fine – remote paired (eventually) and all functioned as expected. However, suddenly, the remote will no longer control the TV’s volume. I’ve searched everywhere for similar issues, but to no avail. 

I thought a simple workaround would be to unpair the remote and set it up again, but instructions on how to do that are impossible to come by. There’s nothing in the LG audio settings or Sonos app that has changed, nor anything that seems likely to solve the issue.

I’ve tried the classic unplug, wait and reboot method. Again, nothing. So I’m forced to use the TV’s internal speaker, not what I expected when I spent 800 euros on a Playbase. Any suggestions gratefully received.

6 replies

It’s possible that a firmware update to the TV changed the way that the remote works, moving it from IR to their “magic” system, which I believe is Bluetooth, and not recognized by the PLAYBASE. 

So, you may need to go back in and tell the remote to work via IR. There’s a process somewhere on the Sonos FAQ area about how to do that, sorry I don’t have a link. 

I suspect that will resolve your volume issue, and allow you to use the PLAYBASE again. 

Here is the link. :)

Hi Airgetlam,

Thanks so much for your prompt response. I think you’re right that this is to do with a firmware update; there’s recently been one on the LG  WebOS. However, I found the link you kindly posted before and it wasn’t of any help, I’m afraid. Going to Device Connector on the TV allows you to select Optical for the Soundbar option, but there is then no list of manufacturers – I believe this is for the first-time set up of the Magic Remote rather than an after-set-up issue (I remember having to select Philips several years ago on first set-up because there was no option for Sonos).

And this is one gripe with the Sonos system; it seems once it’s registered/recognised one remote, you can’t do anything to do unpair it and try again. 

I appreciate your effort to help, thanks!

You should be able to go in to the Sonos controller, and re-set up seeing a remote (be it Phillips IR commands or whatever) by going to Setting>System>[Room Name]>Remote Control Setup. That allows you to reprogram the PLAYBASE to accept whatever IR signals are being sent. It has no affect on your remote, though. If LG changed your remote from IR to Bluetooth, or wifi, or whatever is not IR, the Sonos still won’t recognize anything, since nothing is being sent that the Sonos can “see”. 

You may need to touch base with LG to find out how to re-set the remote to IR, if that Sonos FAQ doesn’t help.

Hi again. Thanks for the message. I cannot set up a new remote. When I go to the Sonos app to set up a new remote, and it asks you to point the remote and press volume up, nothing happens. As you rightly say, because Sonos can’t “see” anything.

I wish there was some way I could find from Sonos to unpair the original remote control. When I do the remote set up, it says there is already a remote set up. And that’s that. No option to remove it.

I’d be amazed if I’m the only one this has happened to, but I can’t find any other evidence this is a common problem. LG’s help pages online are next to useless, and I fear for my chances of contacting them directly, but that seems to be the only way to go for now. Another case of all this great technology but too much incompatibility! 

Thanks again for your efforts.


Is there an LG option to control an A/V system with the TV remote? If so, configure the remote to control an arbitrary A/V unit, then train SONOS to use this IR code.

The optical connection on the TV is a separate drama, involving only the audio connection between the TV and an  external device. There are no TV remote control considerations for this connection.