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  • 19 April 2017
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Hi, I'm from Italy. I recently purchased a Play:1 and it works perfectly with all my Apple devices (iPad, iPhone and, most important an iMac 27" late 2012). I'm starting to think to buy a Playbar to realize the Home Theatre system I always dream... no cables and perfect sound for DVD and movies from iTunes. I have not a TV and I use the iMac late 2012 as screen for everything so the question is: is it possible to link the iMac (late 2012 manufactured) with its headphone/optical digital audio output (minijack) with the Playbar?
I'd use a cable as this one
Thanks in advance for your answers.

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3 replies

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Hello Syd77,

Welcome to the Sonos Community. While this setup would not be directly supported by Sonos, it should work based on the what you have described. You will want first to make sure your iMac is capable of outputting a PCM or Dolby Digital signal through its optical output. If the computer is capable of this style of audio output, you should not have an issue.
Thank you very much Chris for your answer that gives me some hope! I ordered the cable just few minutes ago and, as it will be delivered, I'm going to try it with an old Cambridge Soundworks DTT 3500 which has an optical input as the Playbase and works with Dolby Digital signal.
I look for information around the web about the iMac late 2012 and Dolby signal but I didn't find anything helpful, so I hope it will work with the DTT 3500. I will report the result here.
Thanks again
Cable arrived yesterday and I connected it to DTT 3500 and everything works perfectly. Dolby Digital signal works with VLC player, not with the mac native player (stange thing this). All the music library is played perfectly and all the speakers work!
At this point I assume that with this cable I could connect the Playbar with iMac late 2012 and build the Home theatre with the Play:1. As I'll purchase the Playbar I will report here.