Play: 1 Surround Placement

  • 13 July 2018
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I have Playbar, Sub, and two Play: 1's acting as left + right rear surrounds. The are placed on end tables on each end of my sofa. I was wondering if they should be angled towards the seating area, or placed just facing straight out?

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2 replies

Try it both ways and whatever sounds better to you. People over think placement. Worst part of better systems is trying to match components. While placement has a degree the active tuning in the Sonos system makes it quite easy.
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The higher the frequency the narrower the speaker's pattern will be in most cases, so pick some high frequency heavy music or better yet test tones (download some in FLAC format) to test with. You will probably want to un-pair the Play 1s to make it easier to test. Then pick your usual sitting spot and try turning them, in 10 degree increments, from straight ahead to straight in and see what sounds best to you. An assistant is a huge help here as you can sit and concentrate while they spin the speakers.

Not on a Sonos speaker so it doesn't directly apply but I found that if I went less than the 45 degree position (from straight ahead turning in) the high frequencies started dying off, more so at the rear of the listening area. More than 45 degrees in and the prime listening spot got shallower and moved to the rear compared to with the speakers at the 45 degree position.