No audio when attempting to passthrough DTS from PS3 through Vizio TV to Sonos Amp

  • 29 December 2018
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I realize that this may not have to do with the Amp specifically, but you all are such a helpful community of audiophiles that I figured you'd probably know.

I was trying to watch a Blu-ray whose audio output format is DTS-HD Master Audio. I have updated my Playstation Station 3 to a version that apparently can handle that audio format. Then I have told it to convert to DTS 5.1. It's set to output in Bitstream. When watching the video, the playstation's video info does indeed show the output as DTS. It used to say DTS-HD MA before I told the PS3 to down convert (?) to DTS 5.1.

The PS3 is connected to a Vizio P-Series 55" LED TV (2018) via HDMI. And the Vizio is feeding my Sonos Amp via HDMI ARC.

The Vizio is set to output digital audio as bitstream also. And according to this article: this TV is capable of passing through DTS audio over HDMI ARC.

However, there is no sound on the Amp and the TV is's info doesn't show any detected audio either where sometimes it shows Dolby or Stereo when I press info.

Any ideas?

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5 replies

Sonos can't read DTS. Only Stereo and Dolby Digital.
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Thanks. I started to figure that out after looking around more in these forums. What's the best way to deal with a DTS-HD Master Audio signal coming from the PS3 then?
Turn off the DTS, and get it to send a Dolby Digital signal, I'd think. Not sure whether or not the PS3 can change the signal from DTS to Dolby Digital, I'm not an expert in game consoles. When I used to watch blurays, I used to select the optional Dolby Digital soundtrack, but these days I tend to just stream directly from Apple, which provides a Dolby Digital signal to me automatically.

See if this link helps you to get the audio output you need...
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Thanks. So here’s something that worked though I’m not sure why:

- PS3 set to bitstream out for HDMI audio setting
- Audio Output options in PS3 set to Dolby 5.1, True, Plus and then all of the available PCM formats but not DTS
- PS3 shows DTS-HD MA 5.1 as the Audio format while Blu-ray is playing.
- TV and Sonos show audio format as Stereo though I’m not sure that’s accurate.

I think what’s happening is that the Play Station is converting the DTS to one of those other selected formats. Again not sure which one.

Is that Stereo indicator to be trusted?

Is there anyway to get anything approximating a 5.1 signal using bitstream or PCM? I’m assuming the PS3 has to be responsible for converting the DTS to something the Sonos can consume since the TV is merely passing it through.