New TV for Beam Gen 1 (S1) - Samsung or LG?

  • 18 January 2022
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What is the latest recommendation for new TVs if I am deciding between Samsung QN90 or LG C1 for this setup …

* Soundbar: Beam Gen 1

* Network: S1

* HDMI inputs: Roku stick, cable box 

* Surround: not yet

Is Samsung still discouraged overall or is that just for a specific configuration of products? Is the Samsung solution still to make sure the Beam is the only CEC device?

I currently use my Beam with a 2012 Samsung that only outputs PCM stereo (because 2012), but it works fine. 

Also - I’m not upgrading my S1 network yet because of two old connect:amps that still work great, which explains the old Beam, not the new one or the Arc.



2 replies

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I would go with the LG. Newer Samsung TVs with HDMI eARC seem to have the most issues with Sonos. Although the Beam (Gen 1) doesn’t require eARC so it probably won’t be an issue for you. But if you ever decide to upgrade to a Beam (Gen 2) or an Arc, you would want eARC to be enabled on the TV.

Thanks for the info!