Longer power cables.

  • 14 October 2013
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A Sonos customer suggested: " Provide longer power cables with Sonos devices " Feel free to leave your support here.

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15 replies

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Play1 Longer cord options?. I saw this asked about 3mths ago and merged into "Power Cords" topic, but the question wasn't answered in there...

Can Sonos make a longer power cord for the Play1 for all of us with limited outlet options. I'd love to get another and create a stereo set up but don't have any way of hiding an ugly extension cord in the area needed. Sonos is sleek and I want my space to stay looking sleek. Help us out! 

Plus, isn't there $$$ in accessories. I'd pay a premium for the convenience of style 🙂
New to Sonos, and am impressed with the hardware.  I have 2 Play:5s, 2 Play:1s and a playbar so far, but have stopped expanding further because of the inability to hide the power cord in certain applications.  How can something as simple as a longer or shorter power cord not be an option by now?  Your website puts an emphasis on the equipment in its pictures (no cords in sight) and we, as consumers, would like to duplicate that in our own homes.  Building codes, at least in some parts of the States, don't allow us to run power cords behind walls.  A short cord and a clock receptacle would save a lot of headaches.  Please give us some options.
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Hi Edward, The cables you require are called 'IEC C7' or more commonly Figure 8 cables. They are standard connectors used worldwide. The exception is the bridge which has a dedicated psu unit, not sure about the older ZP units as I don't have any. You should be able to find these in your local computer/electrical store or a a quick search online. Hope that helps. Graham
Something like this -3M Figure Fig of 8 IEC C7 Mains Power Lead Cable - Right Angled https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00BG972ZK/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_hZenub044JKJY
Or this in white..http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/3M-Figure-Fig-of-8-IEC-C7-Mains-Power-Lead-Cable-Right-Angled-Angle-WHITE-/380896527487
Something like this -3M Figure Fig of 8 IEC C7 Mains Power Lead Cable - Right Angled https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00BG972ZK/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_hZenub044JKJY
I just bought the cable too and it does protrude. I've not got the stands yet, but may do. Would it be possible to get rubber feet so the bottom sits on the stand? Thanks.
Something like this -3M Figure Fig of 8 IEC C7 Mains Power Lead Cable - Right Angled https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00BG972ZK/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_hZenub044JKJY
What I did myself, I used the supplied power cable of the Play:1, cut it in half, attached a second power cable to it that is as long as needed, and hid the cut part inside the tube of the stand. Doing that is a little tricky but rather easy - unplug the cable from the Play:1 and pull it back in the opening of the tube so that only the connector sticks out. Cut the cable with a little bit of working space off at the other end of the tube, attach the two cables together in a secure way, then pull the plug back out and as you do, the attached part hides inside the tube. Nice and clean way of doing the job!
come on sonos, it looks like everyone is buying from other places!2m is just not enough!
The other problem I have is that SONOS mains lead end which plugs into the SONOS1 is smaller than the standard ones - the result is that the standard 5 metre cable ending sits proud of the base and the device will not balance on a level surface.

So please standardise your plug ending or offer longer cables with your current plug in your web shop.  

What you need is a right angled IEC C7 figure 8 plug which is similar to the Play 1 plug, these are available on amazon and ebay in up to 10M lengths, try "cabling4less.co.uk"
Just found this:

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Just found this:


Not helping!! You can use almost every available straight 8 plug for Play3 and 5!! The Play1 however gets its power from the bottom and the plug is angled. Only special cables really fit in there, no normal angled 8 plugs mostly, as they tend to be not leveled with the base.

Possibly the Flexson 3m Play1 cables might fit best? http://www.flexson.co.uk/accessories/dh-sonos-accessories
On Amazon you can get an extension, to which your existing cable connects into. This doesn't protrude. It's by Flexon.
It seems the official line from Sonos is conflicting on the replacement of power cords. I have a Soundbar and the user manual clearly states using a replacement power cord will invalidate the warranty, yet in these forums you can read that it's just a standard figure 8 cable and one can be picked up from any retailer.

I need a 5 metre cable but don't see that Sonos sell them. What can I do?
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get a standard figure 8 cable and replace or use and extension cord. If you need warranty service don't send in the figure 8 cable.
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Just bought a C7 10 meter cable off ebay for £10 delivered for one of my Play 1 surrounds, just need to change the fuse when it turns up.

Was going to chop the original but for the sake of £10 not worth the hastle..