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  • 24 July 2022
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After I retune my Sonos system, I notice less bass. I checked my EQ and I set it up like I have them before and I still hear less bass. I don't know if the last updated has something to do with it. Cuz I got a notification on my  S2 App telling me to retune my Sonos system. reason Cuz, it reset it with the updated. does anybody have the same problem?

6 replies

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This is being discussed in several topics here, they might have tips you can use.

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Currently the last update for the Arc and the Sub has affected the audio quality and the strength of the sub, I recommend that you contact technical support and report your case.


14.12 has really compromised the quality of the Arc for those with subs. 

Issues I’ve faced so far:

  1. Ran trueplay at least 4 times so far but bass is consistently neutered.
  2. Audio level disparity between stereo sources, 5.1, and Atmos content is now huge. Switched from Atmos to YouTube 2.0 last night and had to turn it right down. This wasn’t an issue before. 
  3. Music quality in particular seems to have taken a hit. Playing from Spotify is lifeless. Bass completely lacking. 


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Did Sonos close their quality control department or something?, this is getting ridiculous with recent updates having problems.

These devices cost a fortune, and Sonos keep releasing shoddy firmware that breaks something or makes something worse.

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There a post with measured frequency response on here and it seems the update has stifled the Sub especially where trueplay is used.

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With all these updates issues, it’s time to let people roll back the update. Now we have to wait for weeks before our systems sounds ok again, if it ever do ☹️