How will playbase perform on the floor, with PC source?

  • 12 July 2017
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I don't have a television or a home theater cabinet, rather a projector/retractable screen that comes down in front of a book case.

- I'd like to place the sonos playbase on the floor under the book shelf's lowest shelf. It will have no obstructions for 36 inches above it or to the left or right. Will the audio suffer for being on the floor or does it need to be elevated?
- My source is not a TV or A/V receiver, rather a mac mini running PLEX. The audio will be split out from the HDMI into optical and run to the playbase. Should I anticipate audio source issues?
- My rear channels will be my existing Play 3s, any issues to anticipate with these?
- I have a connect:amp that connected to a record player and a pair of vintage speakers, will the playbase be able to pickup the record player as a source?


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2 replies

Let's see

1) Not optimal to be on the floor, honestly. The "voices" will be coming from the wrong place, but if you can live with it, it's not the end of the world.

2) I wouldn't think so, there are many people who split audio out of the HDMI using such devices, as their TVs don't do DD passthrough to optical.

3) Play:3s for surrounds should be OK, it's just Play:5 gen 1 that won't work, since they don't have the appropriate wifi cards to allow them to work on the 5Ghz band, which is what the Playbar/Playbase uses to talk to surrounds.

4) The Connect: Amp will be part of the whole Sonos ecosystem that you're just adding speakers to. So everything that works now will continue to work, it will just be available on more speakers that are grouped.
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On your 2nd question, I believe the mac mini actually has an optical audio output, just not the one you're expecting to see probably. Its 3.5mm "headphone jack" doubles as a digital optical audio output and all you'd need is a very simple adapter or a special but common cable to plug in to the Playbar. Link to an example on Amazon below. May be wrong on this depending on what version of the mini you have, but this is a bit of an old school feature so I'd think it'll show up in even the older models.