Home theatre arc, amp, and external wired speakers

  • 6 August 2020
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I have a question about if I can make Sonos work for a home theatre set up x2. Previous owners had living room with 2 wired architectural speakers over couch that are hooked to a gen 1 Sonos amp that goes to a AV closet. I am able to use this for music but wanted to see if I could incorporate them for the tv. My tv is a 2018 model oled so has arc hdmi although not eArc. If I got a Sonos arc, amp and sub could I hook up Sonos arc to hdmi on tv then bond to new amp connected to speakers and Sonos sub? I primarily use Apple 4K tv for streaming on tv applications. 

In a downstairs theatre there are 3 rear speakers in wall and 2 in rear in ceiling. These run to a receiver in AV closet and then to a gen 1 connect:amp to bring into Sonos. Could I essentially do the same set up here and replaced the fronts with an arc and set up new amp for rear wired speakers bonded together? 

thanks in advance. 

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3 replies

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Hi @Amb82 

I assume by gen 1 Sonos Amp you mean a Sonos Connect Amp. There is no Gen 1 Sonos Amp. 

Question 1

You can use an Arc bonded to the in-ceiling speakers connected to the current Sonos Amp as surrounds and also bond a Sonos sub. You cannot use a Connect:Amp wireless with surrounds.

Question 2

Option 1

You can use an Arc bonded to the in-ceiling speakers connected to the current Sonos Amp as surrounds and also bond a Sonos sub. 

Option 2 _Limited to DD5.1 theater sound

You could use a Sonos Amp to power two of the in-wall front speakers as left/right and a 2nd Sonos Amp connected to the in-ceiling speakers as surrounds. A Sonos sub could also be used with the Sonos Amp that power the front speakers.


Using option 1 above, can the arc and sub still be bonded to a new amp powering one set of speakers of the amp is located in a separate room AV closet (still able to access wireless network) or does it have to be hard wired. 

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Hi @Amb82 

The Arc communicates with a Sonos Amp powering speakers used as surrounds wireless over 5Ghz. All bonding is to the Arc as it controls what information is received by the surrounds driven by the Amp and information sent to the Sub. Nothing is bonded to an Amp used to power surround speakers.

The signal sent to the Amp by the Arc IMO should not have to pass through a wall and then penetrate an AV closet door. If the AV closet is in the same room or has a clear line of site in reference to the Arc I see no problem. Wiring the Amp to your router would have no effect in reference to receiving surround material from the Arc. 

Note: The 5Ghz signal although faster than the 2.4Ghz signal has less range and less penetration through solid objects beyond a certain distance.