Feature Request: Sub crossover

  • 22 August 2021
  • 2 replies

Hi, when the Sub is connected to AMP you're able to adjust the cross over frequency which is great if you have full range speakers.

I've got mine in an Arc and in ceiling rear speaker surround system however when the Sub is in a surround system, you lose the feature. I'm assuming this is down to pairing with the Arc which creates a fixed cross over and generally optimising for surround. However if you're playing music you're stuck with this cross over.

My suggestion is to add a crossover adjustment feature for the Sub that operates only when music is being played. This would be similar to how you can adjust how much the rear speakers play music when compared to the Arc. Any chances of that being implemented?

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2 replies

creates a fixed cross over and generally optimising for surround

Why do you think that optimising is for surround? It is far more likely that as is the case when the Sub is used with Sonos speaker units like the One/Five, the cross over is optimised by Sonos for best results based on the speaker capability that is a known quantity to Sonos - and therefore the fixed crossover.

With the Amp, Sonos cannot not know what kind of speakers, from a very wide range of possibles, are wired to the speaker terminals, and the crossover selection is then left to the user.

That's why I said that it's due to pairing with the Arc :) - as well as mentioning optimisation for surround (if that is even the case or not, but is irrelevant to my feature request)

That's exactly my point. If Sonos let's you prioritise music to come out of the rears for music, why not allow the sub crossover to be user adjustable for music only to cater for the wide variety of speakers that could be predominantly playing the music (in a surround system).