Connecting Beam to projector

  • 21 August 2018
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So I have not purchased anything yet but this is what I want to do.
I am building a smart home with alexa.
I want to connect the Sonos Beam with a 4k projector (Optomo UHD60) which does not have a HDMI Arc.
The projector needs to be connected with a PS4 Pro and a set top box, both use HDMI.
How can I achieve this? Hard wiring is not an issue.

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14 replies

The Beam comes with a adapter for use with optical, and your projector has an optical output. So you should be able to connect the 2 sources to the projector with the projector optical connected to the Beam.

Are you planning on adding surround speakers? if so, you may want to check that your projector will pass through DD 5.1. There's a good chance it only outputs stereo. If that's the case you may want to get an hdmi splitter that outputs hdmi and optical.

Also, the Beam is designed for small to medium rooms. If you're using it for a larger room, I'd consider the playbar, even though it doesn't have voice control built in. You can always add Sonos One as surrounds to bring in Alexa or just get an echo.

Last point, since you said wiring is not an issue, does that mean that you have access behind the walls for wiring? If so, then I would probably consider putting speaker wires in the walls, just in case. And place power outlets where I may want to add sonos speakers later on.
You are right, it does not output surround sound. I will require a 4k av receiver for that.
I am thinking of just getting the playbar right now with an echo and connect it via the optical output .
I will leave outlets for the sonos play speakers and sub that I can add later if I decide to go for the av reciever. Although, it's a pretty standard bedroom so I don't really see the need for that. I think the playbar should be enough.
Not to throw more doubt on your plans, but for standard bedroom, the Beam is great. I have a beam in my bedroom (with 2 play:1s) and in my gameroom (with sub and 2 play:1s,a converted bedroom) and love them both. In my living room/kitchen area, which is much larger, I have the playbar and that's the right fit for that room.

And you won't need to get a 4k AV receiver. The receiver would only do anything that an hdmi switch with an optical output would a much cheaper price.
1) So if I get a Beam and connect it to the projector with Optical Output and add 2 play:1s, will it sound good considering the projector does not output surround sound?

2) I thought that the av reciever can be used to project 5.1 surround sound (or 7.1).
1 - If the projector doesn't pass through DD 5.1 through it's optical port, then there is no way you'll get surround sound to the Beam, Playbar, or anything connected to that port. Unless you're talking about some sort of simulated surround sound.

2 - Along the lines of #1 above it can't do 5.1 or 7.1 if it's source doesn't provide it, sans a simulation of sorts.

Both the Beam and Playbar (and playbase) can take in a DD 5.1 signal through optical (or HDMI-ARC for the Beam) and play surround sound with 2 extra Sonos speakers without any additional equipment like a receiver. The point of getting an HDMI switch is to get a DD 5.1 signal from the sources (PS4 and set top box) to the Beam/playbar, bypassing the projector since it would effectively block the signal.

You could use an AV receiver to do the same thing as the HDMI switch (not in all cases though), but it would cost a lot more and take up more physical space. That AV receiver can power separate passive speakers, but cannot power Sonos speakers (active speakers). Basically, you can use Sonos speakers for home theatre or an AV receiver for a more traditional setup. You can't really combine both too well.

Last point, Sonos can't do anything beyond DD 5.1 for surround sound. No 7.1. no 9.1.2 and so on. If you want that it's better to go traditional. Again though, you're talking about a bedroom where the Beam by itself is probably enough (although I think you'd like play:1s as surrounds).

Yea, it's a little complicated, and that's somewhat unavoidable when dealing with projectors.
So in order to get 5.1 surround sound,
ps4 pro and STB input to HDMI switch.
HDMI switch will output to Projector AND Beam? How?
Does it output to Beam via HDMI or optical output?
If the projector can't pass through, yes. Since you don't want 5.1 right away, i wouldn't worry about a switch right now.
yeah the projector can't pass through but I am thinking of 5.1 now since it's cheaper with Beam instead of playbar.
So if I have a matrix switch, I can input my PS4 pro, set top box and fire TV and output it to my projector and Sonos beam, all with HDMI right?
And I'll be able to use the ARC from Sonos beam to control my PS4 and set top box and fire TV?
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I don't think ARC will work through the HDMI switch. Apart from that, yes.
And because the Beam needs HDMI-ARC (not just HDMI) or optical, you need to plan on pushing optical to the Beam. There are plenty of switches that can output HDMI and optical, and are likely cheaper than matrix switches pushing out multiple HDMI outputs.
I have exactly the same setting as you in mind. What did you do in the end?
For others who Google how to connect their Sonos Beam to a projector and don't want to spend a fortune on a home theater receiver, I would recommend purchasing an HDMI matrix. I purchased a 4x2 HDMI matrix that allegedly supported HDMI ARC on HDMI Out A, but I could not get that to work or the Sonos Beam to recognize that the TV was connected. Instead, I had to connect my projector to HDMI Out B with the Sonos Beam connected through the Digital Audio Out. If you don't want to spend another $4-500 on a home theater receiver - I'd recommend this approach. Sound quality is great from what I can tell - all TV coming through the Apple TV (YouTube TV) which supports Dolby Digital/Dolby Surround. Hope this helps someone else out because I went through 2-3 similar devices before finally finding one that worked!

Here's what I personally bought:

Here's my setup:
Out: Epson Powerlite 8350
Out: Sonos Beam

Hub: 4x2 HDMI matrix

In: Apple TV
In: Nintendo Switch
In: PS4
So Rabidweezerfan’s product worked PERFECT however..... i have a few questions that i would like to address and maybe get a answer.... Let me first say i am new to Sonos. I bought them about 3 weeks ago but just hooked up yesterday (moved).... so first question is if i want to Connect 2 of the hdmi switch Metrix would a audio splitter work to connect both of them.... also what would be the recommendation of trying to hook up composit? I have been looking on the web and trying different things to get it to work with no avail has anyone had this issue? Or maybe a direct fix