Connect Playbar wirelessly to Connect amp

Can the play bar connect wirelessly to the connect amp so that it can stream TV sound to the speakers connected to the connect amp?

Best answer by John B 11 May 2017, 10:47

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It depends what you mean. You can group the Playbar and the C:A but the audio won't be perfectly in sync. That may or may not matter to you depending on where the C:A is located and why you want to do this. Neither has to be wired.

However, for the C:A to function as rear surrounds for the Playbar, your system must be in Boost mode and there must be a wired path from the Playbar to the C:A. You could wire them by cabling them to each other, or by cabling them both to the router.
Thx John, I intend to have passive speakers in the ceiling at the rear of the room that the play bar is in. If I wire the play bar via ethernet cable to the C:A will the sound from the play bar that will be connected by optical cable to the TV be in sync with the rear speakers in the ceiling?
Yes but given one further proviso. Your whole system must be in what Sonos call Boost mode, which requires a Sonos component to be connected by Ethernet to your router. That could be the Playbar, the C:A, another Sonos speaker, a Boost or a Bridge.
Are there any plans in future firmware updates to allow the connect:amp to connect with a playbar wirelessly as the surround (i.e. not have to be ethernet wired together)? Or is that structurally not possible because of design limitations in the connect:amp
It's impossible to make it wireless. To avoid latency the Sonos surround system uses 5GHz wireless and the C:A was designed before all that and doesn't have a 5GHz wireless capability. Note that the wired connection can be achieved by wiring the PB and C:A to your router, not necessarily directly to each other.
Thanks for the speedy reply and info