Changing surround sound speaker balance

  • 22 January 2017
  • 3 replies

I have a Playbar, Subwoofer, and two Play:1 speakers set up for my home theater. I want to change the balance of the Play:1 speakers for TV. I've gone to room settings and see that I can change EQ treble and bass, but not balance. I seem to recall a balance setting when I first set up the home theater. How do I adjust it now?

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3 replies

I don't recall that there is a balance setting. If you can, try running Trueplay for your system, which should do it as part of that process.
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Do you mean left - right balance or front - rear? If it's front - rear then you can adjust that in Room Settings/Advanced Audio/Surround Settings (see link below). Left - right balance is adjusted automatically when you configure True Play. The first part of the process asks you to sit where you watch TV and that will adjust the balance.

Hope that helps.
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Bit late in the day but only just seen this. I have a similar setup with a pair of Play One,s as part of my 5.1. With the One.s paired all you need to do is alter the volume on either of these. This changes the balance front/rear. ? I hope this helps.