Beam 6 Channel LPCM input support

  • 26 January 2020
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I have a projector (No ARC)

HDMI audio extractor →  Optical to HDMI adapter →  Beam.

Optical can support stereo Dolby Digital and Stereo PCM.

I want to plug a laptop in it detect 5.1 sounds...not all channels play think it missing out front or something. I think it is sending out 6 uncompressed LPCM channels 

Kodi on a fire stick works if i set it to 2 channel and Dolby digital transcoding. (If want to understand that message me)

Making the laptop output to DD seems maybe impossible (I want this for games not movies)

My question is in does the beam support 6 channel PCM over ARC, 

So if i get something like this an “ARC sender” so I don’t need the optical adapter

will it work?




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3 replies

Hi @tactmaster. Thanks for the post and welcome to the Sonos Community.

As I do understand what you are attempting to do, Sonos does not really have the functionality to emulate Doby Surrounds. The source of the sound card needs to output DD in order to get a surround signal to the Sonos player. Furthermore, Sonos only have capabilities up to a 5.1 channel system. 

Third-party extractors, adapters etc are not technically supported by us. This means that you may find a workaround to allow it to work how you feel fit or it may come with issues such as audio delay or inoprability. 




Great thank you for getting back to me.

I have been chatting to technical support so yep. It would seem that the Beam only support 2 Channel PCM either via optical or ARC. So the thing I suggest will work but not with 6 channel PCM 

It seem a little odd to me

5.1 Sound (PCM) Source DD → ARC/Optical → Beam decompress DD to uncompressed to 5.1 sounds to play

As the beam has to decode the DD to uncompressed to play it seem off that it could just not take the uncompress stream to start with?

If this could be added via a software update I think that would also solve a lot of other people surround issues on this forum as if a TV to decode DD+ for example to could the use the Beam at full quality.

It should take less processing to than the decoding DD


I am looking for a 6 PCM to DD 5.1 converter no luck yet. So if anyone has any suggestions?

I am also see if I can get my computer to do it...

Thanks very much.

S/PDIF doesn’t have sufficient bandwidth to support LPCM 5.1.