Apple TV, Beam + Samsung tv remote hdmi CEC problem

  • 9 January 2019
  • 3 replies

Hi just got a sonos beam. Very satisfied but one thing is very strange. Connected via hdmi arc to my Samsung tv, a ue55ju7005 from 2015. Run with Apple TV into tv to watch tv and more. But since I connected the beam, it is not possible to start tv via hdmi cec. Thus, pressing the home button on the Apple TV remote. Can start via tv remote. Once the tv is up and running it works ok. Can also turn off TV via Apple TV. Tested to connect via the adapter for optical which came with the beam and then it did work to start tv via the appleremoten? Have also been in contact with samsung support and they "zeroed" HDMI ports but that made no difference.
Is the beamer lying and blocking HDMI CEC in stby? Someone who had similar problems?

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3 replies

exactly the same problem here. after adding a Beam to my setup (samsung tv + apple tv) i can not turn on the TV with apple tv over cec. this worked before connecting the Beam.
Same thing here! Some response/support/solution from Sonos would be nice :?
If you're looking for support, you can contact Sonos support to discuss it. It might be worthwhile to submit a system diagnostic before contacting them. This is a community forum for Sonos. The moderators do occasionally respond to questions, but the primary thrust of this forum is for community members to help community members.