Two different Spotify Accounts on my Sonos Move with Google Assistant?

  • 19 October 2020
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I have a Sonos Move and I am using Google Assistant. Now that there is Voice Match, how do I get my Sonos to hear my voice to use my Spotify Account and get another voice for another Spotify Account? The way we log onto the Sonos is through one account right now but seem to only be able to use one Spotify account for both people.

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You will have to set up Voice Match for each Google Account individually in the Google Home app and then add those Voice Match profiles to your Sonos Move.

Google Home > tap profile picture at the top right > Assistant settings > Voice Match

From there you will also be able to add devices and set up Voice Match on your Sonos Move. Follow these steps for each Google Account you would like to link to your Sonos Move.

Note that Google Accounts managed by Family Link cannot be linked to Sonos speakers.

Also, make sure your speaker is switched on when adding devices.

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