TuneIn in the UK now restricting internet services

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So having stopped UK listeners accessing radio stations from abroad, the ongoing legal wrangle for TuneIn now means it’s dropping access to internet radio stations. I don’t know the extent of the takedowns but at least 2 stations I listen too regularly are now not available.

While I know there are workarounds my biggest concern is that these don’t work via Google Assistant because TuneIn is the default service. So with the loss of non-UK radio stations, plus the new takedowns of internet streams and the on-going absence of BBC radio services, TuneIn is becoming unfit for purpose in the UK on Sonos with Google as the voice assistant.

Is there a solution in the pipeline that would allow UK listeners to access other radio stream providers with Google, or to allow people to set a default other than TuneIn? The current situation means that there’s an increasing number of services that are just unavailable via voice control.  

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I’m looking out for an answer on this, @radiomike Meantime, have you asked Google how to change TuneIn as the default service?

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I’m looking out for an answer on this, @radiomike Meantime, have you asked Google how to change TuneIn as the default service?

I've got, for example, MyTuner, and other music services added to My Sonos (and my Google account) but if you ask GA to "play radio xyz on Mytuner" it defaults to TuneIn, hence the problems listening to anything from outside the UK, blacklisted by Tunein or only available via BBC Sounds. My understanding is that it's not a matter of setting up a default on Google but that you can't change the default on Sonos 😕