switching from nest audio to sonos

  • 22 April 2022
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I have a stereo pair of nest audios in the living room and i’m thinking of upgrading to either a pair of google home max or sonos 5. I was leaning towards sonos since its not a discontinued product and in future i’ll be able to add more speakers for home cinema etc.


i was thinking i’d be keep a nest audio to voice control the sonos, glad i found this forum to check!


as i understand it i won’t be able to voice control a stereo pair for playing music, changing volume etc and it all has to be done by phone or physically? and simple things like setting an alarm doesn’t work at all even if it wasn’t a stereo pair? 


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2 replies

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You can control a stereo pair of Fives using Google Assistant.

ok thanks, there’s another thread saying GA doesn’t work with groups, so a stereo pair is different to a group? 


can i configure it so i can just say “hey google, play 6 music” and it’ll play the 6 music station on the bbc sounds app? or do i have to say “hey google, play 6 music on sonos”?


another thing i just thought of is standby, “Idle is defined as audio muted or paused on all players in the household for at least 3 minutes, and no audio signal is being sent to a line-in connection or home theater player (in most cases, this means that the TV is off).”

will the sonos go into standby when connected to GA, and if so presumably there will be a delay as the sonos wakes up after receiving a random question from me through GA? how long?


presumably if i want to use the nest audio’s own speaker to get round the alarm / wake up issues then i can set it up so only music gets routed to sonos, in which case id have to say ‘play 6 music on sonos’ each time?