Sonos Working w/ Google Asst., but cannot add to my google All-Room speaker group.

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Will Sonos ever allow my Sonos Speakers to be added to my Google Home Speaker Group? I have my Sonos One speakers in my bedroom working with google assistant, and able to play my Spotify play lists through google assistant commands, and that is a huge improvement. However, I have all my other sound systems in the whole house working together through a google home speaker group I named “All Rooms” - EXCEPT SONOS. I cannot add them to my speaker groups in the Google Home app. If this is a marketing decision, I think it will backfire, since apparently the other companies are allowing it. I hope there is either a trick I am missing, or otherwise a software patch will correct it. Ideas?

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As has been addressed elsewhere on this community, it is most likely not a marketing decision, but a technical one.
Sonos proprietary multiroom grouping technology is different from the one used within Google Home. For instance, it can group and ungroup on the fly, while streaming. It is also able to handle sources that Google Home cannot, like locally stored files or line-in inputs. Why would you want to cripple that by integrating them into a less capable Google Home group?

If Sonos were to do that, it would likely lead to a group of users complaining that the integration is "flawed" or "incomplete". It would be similar to when they introduced WiFi connectivity - inferior to the original, "SonosNET" connectivity, because the masses were clamoring for it, only to be subsequently inundated by complaints caused by sub-par home WiFi networks.

At the risk of sounding childish, I would like to point out that Sonos has been doing multiroom since before smartphones were even a thing, let alone voice assistants. So you should be knocking on Googles door really, to buy a license off Sonos to implement the same, superior multiroom experience in their Home system, but I doubt that will ever happen.

I see a lot of these comments coming from people who first bought into Sonos because of the voice activated speakers, wanting to integrate 1 or 2 Sonos devices into a larger group of Google Home or other GA speakers. I can understand the sentiment and frustration, because it seems that Sonos is unable to do something that other, cheaper speakers can. My comment above is to illustrate that this is not because of a lacking feature, but because Sonos has a superior feature that is not supported by the Google ecosystem. I have been in the Sonos multiroom ecosystem longer than I have been in the Google home ecosystem, already have Sonos around the house and would hate to have to resort to the limited grouping functionality that Google Home offers, so my views on this are different than yours.
It really boils down to something that melvimbe wrote in another thread about this topic:

(...) Sonos isn't just a wifi speaker, it's an entire integrated system. In a way, saying that Sonos is poor since they don't do the things you want from an essentially 'dumb' smart speaker, is ignoring all the things that Sonos is. I'm not at all saying that you're wrong for wanting the features you want or being disappointed. I'm not. I'm not even saying that your assumptions on functionality were poor. Maybe Sonos could have done a better job of expectations, though I'm not exactly sure how that would be done in a positive manner.

Basically it comes down to whether you were looking to buy Sonos with a google assistant, or a google assistant with the Sonos brand on it.
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I appreciate the commentary. I understand the engineering issues and the marketing issues. I’ll participate in the commentary and add some comments because I started the thread but if it gets negative I’m out.
  • I have multiple rooms with mostly non-Sonos audio equipment that I have managed to connect over time, in some cases with some replacements, to my google home system. I have also connected every light switch in my home and on my porch, every ceiling fan, thermostat, electric window shades, etc. While it just an unimportant first-world hobby, it is something I am interested in. I can walk in my door and say I am home, or that we have company, or that it is time for bed, and the house sets lights and shades and music choices and timers.
  • I did not buy Sonos speakers for the google assistant, because I have a few small/cheap google mini speaker/microphones, and google displays, that do that fine. I think too much focus has been on the google assistant feature. In most cases, I use the google minis or google display for connection to the google logic, and I use higher quality and/or legacy audio systems for music and audio/video with TV’s.
  • I have tried both google and Alexa, but eventually chose google for voice control.
  • I bought the Sonos speakers because I have watched the Sonos options for years, and I had listened to them and knew they had good quality sound for their size and would be a good choice for my master bedroom. However, I waited until it was officially announced that they would be google compatible - repeat, I don’t really care if they were google assistant devices and if they never have the ability to make phone calls, etc. I just prefer to have the ability to connect and play though google, while still having good quality audio. Really, I would have been more than happy if Sonos had just added google speaker compatible connectivity, and not included the google assistant features.
  • I realize that the Sonos multi-room technology is superior. I am not asking for it to be replaced. In fact, I am not even asking for anything to be changed. I’m just one guy that doesn’t even care for forum discussions, but decide “what the heck, I’ll ask”. I work in a technical field, and I understand the 3-way configuration with full google assistant functions built-in is much more complicated than some of the other third-party google compatible “speakers only” connections, as well as the compromises required to meet schedules. It may be for technical reasons, or it may be marketing wanting to keep focus on their superior technology to encourage sales of more Sonos products. I regret my mention in my original post that would be a mistake. I’ve watched apple and amazon and google hold out features from others. I even owned a Sony Betamax and had to buy a vhs later so I could rent videos.... Marketing decisions like that are understandable, and are typically a well thought out strategy that may or may not pan out, but are at least understandable to me.
  • I really just meant to ask if anyone has read any news that I may have missed, if Sonos has announced any plans for it to be compatible with google home speaker groups in the future.
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Thanks for your comments - I do appreciate your reasonable comments, as opposed to the somewhat more negative tone that can be found elsewhere 🙂. Also, I apologize for debating the point without actually answering your question, so here goes:

Currently, it is not possible, directly or through a workaround, and I am unaware if Sonos intends to ever allow grouping of Sonos devices in the GA ecosystem. I do know that the integration will expand, as it did with Alexa, for instance to be able to select default audio outputs.
The now discontinued Chromecast Audio can be plugged into a Sonos component with a line-in and integrate into Google Home like that, but as you described having Ones, that doesn't apply to you.

I agree that if it is a marketing decision to not support the Google Home grouping, that is an unpopular decision, but to a point, understandable. Sonos' point of view will be "well, if you want multiroom, just fill your house with Sonos". On the other hand, Google might also be hesitant to integrate the leading brand of multiroom audio into their system.
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Love this conversation. Just wanted to add that if I were to guess, Sonos and Google will be able to play in sync if/when Google comes up with the equivalent of airplay 2. Airplay 2 feels like it acts more as a bridge between Apple and Sonos (amoung other speakers/amps) rather than a full integration of different/competing multiroom systems. If Google did something like this, than Google Homes and Sonos could play in sync without having to share their own multiroom protocols and secretns.

I understand that Google chrome already does this, at least in part, but it looks as though this is currently in flux. Perhaps there will be a new version available soon that Sonos is waiting to get on board with?

As an aside note in general smart home strategies, I've found that although devices are designed to work together through central hubs, I feel as if you'll get the best experience if you stick with a single brand for a single aspect of your home. For light switches, I use lutron. For bulbs, I like LIFX. For music/audio, Sonos. I've screwed up a bit with plugs in that I've used a couple different brands, and it gets a little complicated to control. It's also confusing when you have multiple hubs in the house (lutron, smartthings, amazon, google home). And of course, multiple streaming services. I'd much prefer if each company would just do one thing and do that well, integrate with all others well, and not trying and leverage their control in one market into other markets. I think consumers would be better served overall that way,
This should be a feature! We have invested so much money in your products! Promise you will make this happen please so it works like airplay!
Google search brought me here. It's too bad grouping with Google isn't supported yet. I came here looking for that before investing in Sonos.

Adding my +1 to the support and to subscribe to this topic if it ever changes.

+1 would really like to see this feature added (even if it’s a beta product due to technical concerns).

I bought two of this to replace 2x Google Home units and when I found out they cannot be grouped or cannot be set to be the default music source I was shocked - especially since it's been like this for months. Unfortunately I have to return them as the convenience of having Google Assitants in every room (I have 4 between the 2x Home, Mini, and Display) with seamless audio as I walk around the house. Sonos this is a massive miss! 

Yeah I have 30 days to return these speakers so I’m going to wait a couple of weeks incase something changes but not being able to group on google assistant as a feature is a show stopper for me. I want to group on google and also in sonas app depending on situation

I am in the same boat as many of you. I have a google home and google hub to control all my speakers in different rooms. Quite a few are attached to a chromecast . I read that sonos could be controlled by google assistant so purchased a sonos one 2nd gen  but it will not allow you to add it to a google group

The sad thing is I purchased the speaker from Argos and because I have broken the seal on the box they will not refund me. I wish I had stuck to Amazon !!  Sonos on speaking to them today say the issue is with Google not allowing their speakers to be added to a group.

Yeah I have 30 days to return these speakers so I’m going to wait a couple of weeks incase something changes but not being able to group on google assistant as a feature is a show stopper for me. I want to group on google and also in sonas app depending on situation

sadly i am in the same boat but as I purchased mine form Argos they will not refund me as I had broken the seal on the box. last tine I will shop with them!!  speaking to Sonos today they  say it is Google who are not allowing their speakers to be added to a google home group. So like you are very keen for this to be sorted