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Helpful tips for making the Google Assistant work with Sonos

Helpful tips for making the Google Assistant work with Sonos

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I had an error message that said something to the effect of "There aren't any other speakers on this network" or something. Here's the fix: uninstall Google Assistant in the Sonos app. Reinstall it and make sure it has the exact same address as your internet network. It will work. 

I have a mish-mash of Bluetooth speakers with Chromecasts and an old Sonos Play One. I'm old, so I have a huge music library I already paid for, and no intention to buy a subscription to anything. I wrangled with the Google assistant for months to get it to work with my library so I could voice control it from my phone and cast to the non-Sonos speakers. It now works well. I just bought a Sonos One thinking I would now be able to voice control my library through the speaker - nope! I'm ready to return it. This is ridiculous - why buy a $200 speaker, only to have to pay an extra $120 a year forever in music subscriptions to access music I already own?

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In google home you can now set a sonos device as a default speaker.

Well done, this has given new life to my sonos stuff as family could never be bothered to say “on kitchen sonos”


, Google Play Music requires a Premium account to play music on Sonos using the Google Assistant. Currently this functionality isn't available for their free accounts. I'll make sure to add a request to the teams here and at Google for you.

Too bad I didn’t know this before I purchased a Sonos One...I’ll now be unloading it  getting Google Max speaker...