Has anyone found a way to play Sirius XM on Sonos using Google Assistant?

  • 7 October 2021
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Starting this topic AGAIN because all the threads are months old and often shut down by Sonos staff. I can play Sirius XM on all my Sonos speakers through Sonos app. I can play Sirius XM on Google speakers using Google Assistant. I can play Pandora on my Sonos speakers using Google Assistant. But what I can't do is play Sirius XM on Sonos (One) using Google Assistant on the Sonos One (or anything else). It says "Sirius XM is not supported on ____". 


And yes I've disconnected accounts and relinked multiple times. 


Best answer by James L. 8 October 2021, 09:53

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Hi @cabaker,


SiriusXM is not available via Google Assistant on Sonos as a supported service at this time. I don’t believe there would be a sufficient workaround to avoid this limitation.

I can certainly pass on the comments that you’d like to see this service be a part of Google Assistant to our teams for consideration.