Google Assistant with Polsce

  • 27 October 2020
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Witam, Czy używanie google assistant albo Alexa w Polsce jest możliwe ??? Nie jestem w stanie tego ustawić i jest to ogromna utrata wartości jak chodzi o system Sonos gdyż płaci się premium za to że głośniki obsługują voice ???

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16 replies

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Hi @Andrzej BC.

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community!

Poland is not yet included on the list of countries where Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are available on Sonos.

For reference, here are the support articles where you can find the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa availability on Sonos.

You'll also find a list of countries where the above voice services will be supported on Sonos soon.


If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re always here to help.

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I would not want to send my 4 fives 2 ones sun and arch back... Do you know of any workaround that could work? My wife is an american and she is very irritated she cannot use it the way she does in Chicago

You are planning to introduce the Polish language.
Why don't you make English available in Poland temporarily.
Poland is rapidly introducing technical innovations. You can be late before the others.
I am asking for a substantive answer.
You officially praise the functionality in Poland!

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I would be more than happy with English !

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Hi @Andrzej BC and @Rafal_ll.

We highly appreciate all your feedback, this can be used to make Sonos a more intuitive system.

While we don’t have any further details to share about introducing the availability of either Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice services to your country, we can certainly pass along your sentiments to the team. 

Please let us know if you have additional concerns. I'm happy to send them up for you.

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I think it is illegal to be selling speakers at a premium with google voice that does not work.

So I understand well that if I am from Poland, I cannot use the assistant, even in English?

Btw. No upcoming countries have been announced. ;) 

PS. IMHO it's a bit not cool that SONOS said that since I'm Polish, I can't use the Assistant in English ;(


I am in the same situation I would like to use it in English and I cannot. It is sad because I do not see any barrier to open the option to pick English when you install the voice assitant?


This is outrageous. You created the whole section on Polish website, written in Polish about this great voice assistant  tool in your speaker. Yet it doesn't work in Poland... Instead of putting a disclaimer "only in selected regions" you should put an info "not available in your region". This deliberately misleads the consumer! Also I'm agreeing with others. Just make it available in English.

You're really disappointing.

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It used to work when you changed your location in your Sonos profile (Profile | Sonos) to a place where Google Assistant does work (Germany, UK, the Netherlands). You could try this.

The official Sonos page sais: “No upcoming countries have been announced.” Is Sonos actually working on adding new countries?

Guys c'mon, it's kind of bul**t, selling & advertising product with funcionality which is not avaliable... 

Sonos products really are not the cheapest ones, i expect at least a little bit od respect for customers here. We talk about fast developing market with 36 mln people…


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@Adamsky Have you tried my advice? This worked for me two years ago, but I get conflicting answers now - some say it works, some say it doesn't.

Thanks, i've heard about this way but i don't think it is a solver. It's kind of s**t on the floor trying to be removed with air freshener.

I am buing 6'th sonos (arc) to upgrade my audio, spend really a lot of cash for the whole setup and expect from company like sonos to respect own clients or even a community which i feel a part of. That also means respect for the brand which imho is really missing. 

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I'm not sure only Sonos can be held accountable for the roll out of GA over more countries. For all we know this is a Google fault - though if it is Sonos could be more open about it.

I do not agree that my tip is not a solution. If it works, it is a solution, or at least a work around. In your words: the “s**t” really could be removed, just with a bucket of something else than water.

good point :)

Let me put that in other words then  - this solutions doesn't satisfy me.