Google Assistant slow to respond Sonos One

  • 10 August 2019
  • 1 reply

Is anyone else finding Google Assistant very slow to respond? I have a Sonos One in Australia and with Alexa it would respond to a question in around 1s. Ever since Google Assistant was released here i find that the Google Assistant would take 3-5s to respond. Its much slower than Alexa and also compared to the Google Mini i have.

Does anyone else have this issue? or a solution to it.

1 reply

I'm having the same problem here. It's not the only drawback of using the Google Assistant on the Sonos One though, as the Google Assistant on it cannot shuffle songs, imagine that!
Because of the limited functionality of the GA on Sonos and the slow response times (if it responds at all, that is) I've now just bought a Google Home Mini to control my Sonos One. Silly, I know, but the best 'solution' I could find.

Just to remind you, you can't set a preferred speaker with the Google Home app.
I'd also recommend never to buy into Google speakers if you plan to play music from Spotify directly on them, the streaming quality (bitrate) is terrible, that is to say unacceptable! It's fine when you tell the Home Mini to play music on the One though as the Google speaker simply sends the command to the Sonos. Play Spotify directly on the One is fine too.

Here's how to tell the Google Home Mini to shuffle music on your Sonos One in case you get one:
Me: "Shuffle "
GA: "Shuffling on Spotify"
Me: "Play on Sonos" - playback will start on Sonos One

What you can't do is this:
"Shuffle on Sonos"

That way the Google Assistant will play a playlist on your Sonos One but won't shuffle it. Telling it to shuffle after issuing the command won't work either, so always follow the steps above.

Hope this helped at least a bit 🙁