google assistant and spotify family plan

  • 1 December 2020
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I am having trouble getting sonos to work with google assistant for myself and my family members and our separate Spotify accounts.  We have a Sonos one and a sonos amp in our living room and a google home in each of our bedrooms. We have  4 google users each with voice match turned on. We have 4 Spotify accounts, one for each google user. Each user has all google home and sonos devices listed as matched ‘devices’ in google assistant. However, we are constantly being told by sonos that our requests for music on the sonos device cannot be completed.  What is the proper way to configure multiple family members with multiple Spotify accounts and multiple google accounts on one sonos speaker/system?

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8 replies

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All I could find was this:

I was able to setup voice match for everyone, and google (through sonos) can correctly tell us our names. But not play music consistently on Spotify…  :(

I’ve got the same problem.

Google assistant is set up fine but when my wife asks the beam to play something it doesn’t recognizes her spotify account even thought it is connected to the sonos app as well 

After removing voice match and the Spotify accounts and adding everything again it finally started working.


I believe it was a problem in Google’s and they probably got it fixed.

Glad this seems to have worked for you. 


Can anyone out there answer the question of whether Google Assistant is able to recognize a voice through Sonos and serve up that user’s playlists from his/her Spotify account?  Or is a sonos system associated with a single Spotify account, regardless of how many family members’ voices are matched to the device?    

(Feels like I’m talking into a void.  Sonos, do you really not monitor your own forums??)

Hey @Robin47942 that’s exactly what I did.

A step by step would be:

1 - Link both Spotify accounts to the sonos app

2 - Activate voice match on each person’s Google assistant and link it to the Sonos device using the assistant app

3 - Link the right Spotify account to each assistant in the assistant app. They need to be the same accounts linked to the Sonos app.


To test if voice matching is working just ask “Hey google, who am I”. It should answer correctly.

To test the Spotify setup try to ask for it to play a song and then open the Spotify app on the same account of the person who made the request. You should be able to see that it’s playing on Sonos.


In my case I had to wait some time for the assistant to work for my wife but ultimately it did. Now when each one of us ask for it to play something it will play from different accounts and different playlists which is awesome.


I hope it helps 🤞

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To test if voice matching is working just ask “Hey google, who am I”. It should answer correctly.

That is a really good tip!

Thanks, leogdiniz for the suggestions. Here’s the configuration that has worked for me for the past few days: 

  1. The home’s administrator (me) sets up the home in Google Home and invites all family members to join the household from the Google Home app
  2. Administrator sets up the speaker system, ensuring that all rooms and speakers in each room have the same names in Google Home, Google Assistant, and Sonos apps.  
  3.  Each family member needs their own device (iPhone, iPad, Android device) with Google Home, Google Assistant, Spotify, and Sonos apps
    1. Login to Google Home and Google assistant with google account
    2. Login to Spotify with own Spotify account
    3. Login to Sonos with family’s Sonos account
  4. Each family member adds all speakers in the home (Google Nest, Google Mini, Sonos) in Google Home, Google Assistant, and Sonos apps, checking that  the room and device names are the same in each app (and the same as those of the other family members)
  5. Each family member turns on Voice Match, trains it to understand their voice, and assigns a unique voice (this makes it easier to know if Google Assistant has properly identified the speaker).  
    1. After each family member trains Google Assistant to recognize their voice, make sure that all of the speakers that you want to recognize that voice are listed in “Shared devices with Voice Match” within the Voice Match section of Google Assistant.  Sonos devices are not automatically listed here, even if they are devices in Google Home!
  6. Each family member then adds Spotify as a music service from within their own instance of the Sonos app.  Sonos will check the Spotify app for credentials.  

When you’re done, each user should see the same room names and the same device names in Google Home, Google Assistant (both “Devices” and “Voice Match” → “Shared Devices”), and Sonos.  And Sonos should have one Spotify account for each family member that all family members can see from the Sonos app (they are each logged into Sonos app with the same credentials).  

This should work.  If it doesn’t, you may need to disconnect all devices and services and try to “start from scratch” vs. just renaming and re-adding devices and rooms on the fly. 

Hope this works!