Chromecast built-in on Sonos speakers? Sorry, but no :(

  • 15 May 2019
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Many of us were waiting for Google Assistant integration to Sonos and the most important thing for us was the hope that it brings Chromecast built-in to Sonos but today we can see that... No. No Chromecast on Sonos. That is very very sad. Assistant is useless with some artists and songs with complicated names and often it is not the most suitable way to play music.
And Android users still can't cast any sound from their phones to Sonos (iOS users can via Airplay 2).
Sad but true.

8 replies

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Can you describe in greater detail what you're trying to do? As rent out example of an artist with a difficult name I can search the song in google play music and cast it to my sonos speakers without issue. But I could even before the assistant integration..
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Yes, you can do what you've described but on Chromecast built-in speakers you also can cast music from Deezer and SoundCloud apps to speakers. You can't do this with Sonos.

On Android you also can cast all audio from your smartphone directly to Chromecast built-in speakers. So you can cast audio not only from regular music streaming services but from any website or app (like Airplay in iOS). With Sonos speakers this is impossible.

Names of the artist with difficult name: any non-standard name (Skott) or non-mainstream artist with non-english name (Rossomahaar, Ежемесячные).
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I have tried to play music from my Google Android play music app via Chromecast and it appears to connect but I get no audio.

I bought this device on the understanding that it had Chromecast features but it appears not. Isn't this a trade descriptions issue?
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I bought this device on the understanding that it had Chromecast features but it appears not. Isn't this a trade descriptions issue?

Where did you get that understanding from? I don't think it has ever been advertised as a feature?
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I was told it when I got it from Currys. But anyway it a massive gap in functionality which now means I'm taking it back for a refund.

Are there plans to add it in ? Happy to test etc if you are?
You can play direct to Sonos speakers from the Google Play music app. See here. Sonos has never supported Chromecast nor claimed to do so.
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+ I am trying to use my fav podcasting app doggcatcher, it seems to appear as a castable device, connects but no sound. Support did say this though..


Hello There,

Thank you for contacting Sonos Customer Support. My name is Nicholas and I'll be happy to assist you.

Sonos doesn't support the ability to cast music via the Chromecast system. I will go ahead and send this ticket up to our developers as a feature request so it will not fall on deaf ears.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me by replying to this email or you can browse our online FAQ forum at

Your reference number for this incident is 00889350.

Any updates on Chromecast from Android devices? Specifically, I would like to cast from the SiriusXM app on the device to Sonos speakers setup with Google Assistant.