Can you add a Sonos One to Google Home without installing Google Assistant on it?

  • 15 October 2019
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Just purchased a Sonos One (Gen 1) for the bedroom mostly for my wife’s use. She likes use voice commands but being Sono’s doesn’t recognize voice, it ‘doesn’t access her personal Spotify account.

For the time being I was going to keep the Google Home in the room to recogize wife’s voice and play music on the Sonos. 
Idealy I would like to make the Sonos one the default speaker for the the Google Home but I do not even see it listed in the Google Home app.

Mostly importantly I do not want both of them answering at “Ok Google”.

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3 replies

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Hi Ravica3

Go here to integrate a Google device with Sonos. 


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I tried this the night before I posted the question. These steps actually install the Google Assistant on a Sonos One.

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Hi Ravica3

….being Sono’s doesn’t recognize voice….


I’m not sure what the above statement means but on face-value it's incorrect :thinking:


Moving on…..

Sorry for the mis-step. However, the instructions do guide you through how to integrate a Google Home device with a non-voice enabled Sonos speaker. 

After re-reading your post I see you have a Sonos One which is capable of engaging the Google Voice assistant as part of its setup. After doing so you direct your commands directly to the Sonos One with “Hey Google”.  Also, in the link I sent you there was a sub-link to setting up Google Voice on the Sonos One and Beam.

The Sonos One with Google Voice set as the assistant will recognize yours or your wife's voice. However, it will only recognize one Spotify account at a time. 

I don’t use Spotify so I don’t know if there is a way to link accounts with one being the main and the other as a sub that would give visibility to both under one log-in. In your case it may be worth exploring.  

Since Google does not allow you change the wake word on their branded devices here’s a suggestion...but you probably won’t like it…

  • Decide which device(s) either the Sonos One & Beam or Google Home will use yours or your wife’s Spotify account.
  • Setup Alexa as the voice assistant on the Sonos One & Beam
  • Assign either your Spotify account or your Wife’s to the Sonos One & Beam.
  • Since the wake word for the Sonos One & Beam will be “Alexa” placement of the Google Home device will not matter. 
  • The Google Home device can be in the same room as the Sonos One or Beam and it will not respond unless you say “Hey Google”.

I hope you are able to reach a compromise as to which Spotify account to use as default; assuming you don’t want Alexa in your household, or there is no way to link accounts.