Can't stop music or radio using stop command (but can start radio)

Great that Sonos/Google is working again, however now I can’t stop music or radio (TuneIn) playing using the “Stop” command. It used to work. The error message I get from Google Assistant is: Nothing is currently playing.

I don’t have any problem telling Google Assistant to play music or radio.


Has anyone else experienced this?


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Hi @dennisbp, welcome to the Sonos Community!

With voice assistants, generally all commands work or no commands work, so it’s definitely strange that only stopping music doesn’t work. If you visit your Google Activity after asking Google Assistant to pause music playback, does the voice command show in there?

I would recommend unlinking Google Assistant from your account, then re-adding it. You can unlink Sonos from Google Assistant by opening Google Home and going to Settings » Works with Google » Sonos » Unlink Account, or by opening the Google Assistant app and selecting [User Icon] » Settings » Home Control » Sonos » Unlink Account.

If the above doesn’t resolve the issue, then start playback and give the command to stop music. After you receive the error from Google Assistant that no music is playing, I’d suggest submitting a diagnostics and reaching out to our support team for further assistance.

I hope this helps!

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What if you try “stop music”?

It works for me if I use the command “Stop all music”.


“Stop Music” or just “Stop” doesn’t work on it. However “Pause” now works instead. I’ve also used “Turn off music” which seems to work (sometimes as well.)


Seperate observation in a different room with a different setup:

If I say “Turn off music” to my Nest it will sometimes turn off the music on the standard speaker (Sonos Roam) sometimes it will ask me which speaker to turn off.