Feature Request: Ability to lock Sonos app to one room

  • 24 May 2023
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Not sure if this is really feasible or not, but I would like the ability to lock an instance (device) of the Sonos app so that it can only control a single Sonos room.  

The use case is that a user may have a laptop/Mac/tablet/etc that tends to always remaining in a single room in the home, like a home office.  Currently, I need to open the Sonos app, and wait for it to locate all the rooms in home.  These can take several seconds for me as I have about 15 Sonos rooms (yea, I need to reduce that).  Once done, it never defaults to the room I’m currently in, so I have to scroll to pick it.  Then I need to go click around to pick what sort of music I want to listen to.  Sure I could just use voice control if it’s available in the room, but I don’t really know what I want to listen to yet.

So if I could go into settings and say that I want to lock to a specific room then the app would only be concerned about discovering that single room...not all 15.  It should speed things up considerable.  I wouldn’t be able to group with this device, but I can use voice control or the app on a different device (phone most likely) if I want to do that.

Other uses would be if you have a kids room or guest room where you don’t need the devices in that room to control other rooms, or play pranks on their sister by turning on her Sonos in the middle of the night.

You can undue this lock feature in settings with the account password. And apps that have a lock turned on cannot do firmware updates.


As a related request, how about the ability to lockout certain rooms in the home that are rarely used? If you have guest rooms or kids rooms, perhaps an office or TV room that you never group with others or use the Sonos app (on this device) to control, then you will get a cleaner list of rooms to control.

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Hey @melvimbe, thank you for the feedback!

I’ve marked this thread as a feature request and forwarded it to the appropriate teams for consideration.