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  • 21 May 2023
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This may by common knowledge but I wanted to share, so I use EERO for wireless in my home ( 3 unit mesh) and I’ll been having Sonos disconnect/ missing device issues..11 device system.. at random something is gone.. then back..  utterly annoying… managed to see a note somewhere to plug a single Sonos unit via Ethernet cable into the primary EERO unit, in my case right near the cable modem, super easy, follow by turning off wireless on that one speaker, 3 weeks later I haven’t had one issue since, no drop outs… no missing speakers… no app lockups .. again this my be we’ll known but this simple solve turned around my system, I hope it does the same for you. 



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8 replies

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I understand the first part of your solution, but not the “turning off wireless” part. Cable connecting one Sonos with wireless on will switch the whole system (except Roam, Move or Era’s) to Sonosnet, so off your wifi. Turning wireless off on that speaker negates this.

I’m sorry I didn’t make it clear, in each Sonos speakers setting you can simply turn of wireless for just that speaker, that’s what I did with the one I plugged in, not all of them, so everything else runs on eero wireless,  one is hard connected to the main EERO unit, so everything’s on the same network,  that’s it, zero issues since I did it. 

It’s possible that interference was so bad at the wired location that you are better off not attempting to use that unit as the only wired unit. I also suppose that there could be a hardware issue with that wireless card. The 3rd possibility is EERO. EERO tends to run multiple subnets and it might move a SONOS unit from one subnet to another. This will totally frustrate SONOS because all units must be on the same subnet.

It’s funny Buzz I thought about the subnet issue, different wireless unit and possible WiFi interference, here’s the thing what I dug about sonos was the simplicity, learn it and done, I don’t wanna be an IT guy at home, it should be easy right:)) this was a quick 5 dollar solve with almost no effort, for me that’s a win:))) 


SONOS introduced their mesh with the first products in 2005 and this mesh just works. Near the end of the 201x’s generic consumer mesh units began to trickle out. Unfortunately, these new mesh systems don’t seem to “just work”. These systems are assuming that the whole purpose of a wireless network is to allow phones and TV’s to access the Internet. Little thought is given to network communication between clients on the local network. With some adjustments to the configuration some meshes can work through the local communication issues, but this crosses with people’s idea of “simple” (no configuration). The need of installing SSID’s and Passwords is excessively complicated for many users. At least weekly we have a flame on this Community about ‘fail!!!’ because SONOS WiFi units were not configured with the new SSID and Password. EERO seems proud of their lack of configuration options. Therefore they must be “easy”, right?

I’m not sure how things will work out in the short term. The original SONOS mesh is very slow compared to current consumer mesh networks. This is not a major disadvantage while simply playing music. SonosNet will share its connectivity with any units wired to a network port and this was a great option back in the days of ADSL Internet connections. If you needed to wirelessly support a computer that did not have WIFi you could simply wire it to a SONOS unit. This is not a great option with a modern Gigabit connections and it would now easily be possible to swamp audio traffic on SonosNet with all of the Internet’s media traffic.

In the short term I think that there will be glitches because ROAM, MOVE, and the new ERA units will not join SonosNet. It’s too soon for me to decide if the new units will become more agile with multiple subnets. They do seem to be more WiFi channel agile. Configuration adjustment is required to change the SonosNet channel.

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Well I have used eero for some years now and never had any issues 

Initially my arc was hardwired to form the sonosnet now I use one of my 5's all still have wireless enabled not one has dropped off the network or app as yet


I have encountered the same issue. I have a large Sonos system and a robust mesh network of eeros (7 pro 6/6E’s).  Seemingly overnight, I now am having daily issues with Sonos products dropping off the network, sometimes mass drop offs where only 2 or 3 remain. I restart the eero network and troubleshoot Sonos via the app, and usually all products are re-found.  But several times they all drop off again within an hour or two.  Very frustrating. 

I have a boost hardwired to the main eero. My system shows that all but my two new Era 300’s and my single Move are in WM:0 or “wired” mode.  

Given this, I’m wondering why I am not having the same success that you did.  Would it be advisable to use a different product — something newer — to initiate the SonosNet network maybe?

Also, I trust there are no issues with a majority of the system being on a wired setup while a few of the products (Eras and Move) on the same system are on a wireless setup?

Finally, is there a prevailing view as to whether a fully wireless setup is superior to a wired setup overall?


Jeff Roberts



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Sonos wifi recommendations are here:

If I read it correctly, they recommend putting the Eero into Bridge mode and use a better wifi access point.