Customer Support at Sonos is Terrible

  • 17 May 2024
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I receive 2 Player 1 speakers and have continuous issues with trying to connect them to my system in the app. I was on the live chat for 1 hour trying to trouble shoot with no solution. They then told me to contact customer support via phone for more support. After being on hold for 2 hours I am then told that the engineering team will be reaching out within 48 hours. I then say that is fine. Who do I contact if I do not receive an email from them within 48 hours. The customer service rep then says that they will reach out to me within 2 weeks. So we went from 48 hours to 2 weeks? I reiterated to her that I do not mind waiting as I continue to be spoke over and not being listened to but I still want a contact of who to follow up with if I am not contacted within the time frame. And if they can’t fix the software issue what do I do with my $300 speakers? This process was absolutely frustrating and I’m never buying another Sonos product or recommending them to anyone.

5 replies

I had the same horrible experience with Sonos support. I purchased 3 brand new Amps to replace 3 older Sonos amps, this necessitated me to set it up as a new system since it utilizes the new controller as opposed to the S1 app. Note that I’ve setup probably 20 sonos components over the years that I’ve been using sonos. 

The three amps would not link up in the system. Spent 1 hour on hold waiting for a tech, was finally connected with one and it took 10 mins just for him to understand my email address! Another 1 hr and 45 mins additional on the phone and the tech was useless.  
He elevated me to level two support and I did receive an email from L2 the next day. In the email the tech said that I need to schedule a service ticket on their calendar. This occurred on May 20th, and at the time the entire month of June was booked full with service appointments. 
This is rediculous! Three brand new products that won’t connect and I can’t even schedule a tech call for over a month. 
for the past 10+ years I have been a huge promoter of Sonos products, not any more! I will try to return these three amps to sonos, where I bought them and switch to a different brand. 
no more sonos for me!



Mine was put in to a Level 3 and it’s been 12 days now and I still haven’t received any email from them. Unfortunately I don’t have a receipt or anything for them or else I would return them immediately. This is absolutely ridiculous. 

I could not agree more. I haven’t been able to use my system for *MONTHS!!!* 

Every time I call the support number, the wait time is… 45 minutes/65 minutes/70 minutes… never an option to leave my number for a call back. I tried calling Sales just to reach a living, breathing human, but all they did was LIE and tell me they’d have someone call me back, which never happened.

I finally waited over 45 minutes for someone to pick up, then spent 2 hours troubleshooting - restarting and disconnecting everything in my home: modem, routers, speakers - reinstalling the app, refreshing the speakers. A the end of a long and frustrating call, he assigned me a case number and said I’d get an email within 24 hours to schedule a follow up call. Well, that email didn’t arrive until 10 days later and the soonest I could schedule a call was another 10 days out… which is after the time when I’ll have house guests.

At the very least I wanted to get it all working by the time I had visitors. I’m disgusted and fed up. I am thinking of getting rid of (selling, if I can)  all of these components and starting over with a new system.

SONOS SUPPORT IS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! I find it shocking that such a prestigious brand has such terrible support. The handful of people I know with Sonos all tell me they’ve had the same experience since they released the new app. Two thumbs down for Sonos.

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Problems for months, @suemar , but only came on the forums to complain rather than ask for help? 

What country are you in, and what speakers do you have? I’m sure someone will buy them from you if you really want to get rid of them.


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Not to minimize your situation as I know it’s frustrating. However, that said, I was able to leave a number for a call back. The problem (IMO) is that the IVR goes through a cycle of announcements before giving you the opportunity to leave a number for a call back. If you miss the first cycle you must wait until the next cycle of announcements before the option to leave a number for a callback is given. Not the best UI experience…but it is what it is. Good luck to get your issue resolved.