Reverting to previous version of Sonos

  • 5 October 2017
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This new update today - 8.0 (October 5, 2017) was updated on both my iphone and iTouch iPod without my consent. Two questions: 1) Does anyone know how I can revert to the previous version to 8.0, and 2) How do I set Sonos to let me decide whether I want a new update? I brought up Sonos this morning with the newly installed software and had no choice as it was already done.

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9 replies

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I'm no expert but i don't think you can revert back to previous versions. And i believe that auto updating apps is a setting in your phone rather than something enforced by Sonos. Did a quick google search and found this

Hope it helps
Thanks for replying. My settings, per your link above, already had the Apps turned off. Settings/iTunes & App Store / Apps (was and is turned off). The "updates" was turned on but since apps was turned off, I think the automatic downloads for Apps being off would not let Sonos or others update the apps until I manually did it. Please let me know what you think, and thank you again.
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My Sonos iPad app also updated without my permission. I was almost blinded by the white "hospital" theme. Doesn't Sonos realize that people listen to music at home in the evening? Now I'm looking into a tablet-sized flashlight. When we have get-togethers, we have the iPad set to stay on the whole time Sonos is playing, so folks can see what they're listening to. With the white background, the Sonos app is a major atmosphere-killer at a party.
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Found a way to get back from v 8.0 to v 7.4 ios iphone or ipad
delete the v 8.0 app, go to app store then to perchased apps you should
be able to see the old sonos app v 7.4 then install, remember to not allow auto
updates in settings and itunes.
This worked for me have v 7.4 on both iphone and ipad.
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On Android going back to 7.4 I lost a lot of Settings options (Eq/ Surround/ Loudness etc) presumably because all my Sonos units are now on V8 firmware..
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How about getting previous versions of the controller for windows? I think the new 8.1 update is awful, and I just spent a lot of time updating a couple phones because I couldnt get to muy music. This is pure nonsense. I paid really good money for the devices in my system, and Sonos puts out an update that cripples my system?
The controller for Windows hasn't changed at all.
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The controller for Windows hasn't changed at all.

Good point. It hasnt changed at all. And yet, I've been forced to update, even though there are no critical parts to the update. Just the crap for the Sonos One. So why was my Sonos crippled until I was forced to do an update? That's the question.

The problem now is that my entire system is gone. I've been messing with it for two hours, which is two hours I don't have to spend on stuff like this. I started updating my phone, then my Mac and then my PC ---- and then things started disappearing. I disconnected all of my speakers except one and reset it to see if I could get anything back. Nothing. I plugged in my play3 and my play5, but now none of my controllers can see any fo my speakers.

As far as I can tell, all of my speakers and playlists and setting are completely gone. All because I was forced to complete an screwed up update that did absolutely nothing significant for my system.

I am so sick of this crap from Sonos. At least once a year it's the same crap ---- one stray update and the whole system gets blown away. Now all thirty seven playlists, alarms, settings, etc are all gone. This weekend I'm looking for a different sound system for my home. This is cr*p.
I have no idea why your system was apparently wiped out, but do you really think if there was that critical a flaw in the update, yours would be the only post claiming it had happened? I ran the update on my PC and it worked just fine. Far more likely is the update uncovered some lurking flaw in your network, as it does for a few dozen or so systems every update. Nothing Sonos can do about that, but if you can dial it back a bit and stop making unfounded assumptions, we can probably get you working again.