Please add an option to adjust the fade-in and fade-out time for alarms and sleep

  • 13 September 2012
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Please allow for the volume slowly increase for alarms and decrease it for sleep mode. The feature I envision would be an option for alarms and sleep which takes a fade-in or fade-out time. A default time of 5 minutes is reasonable. When enabled the alarm will start at just above 0 volume and gradually increase to the volume configured for the alarm over the configured fade-in time. Likewise, once the sleep timer reaches the fade-out time remaining the volume will gradually decrease to zero over the configured fade-out time.

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32 replies

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Hi David, Thanks for the suggestion. Both alarms and sleep timers have fade-in and fade-out timers that gradually increase or decrease volume. The current fade-in time for alarms and fade-out for sleep timer is 15 seconds. I'm going to adjust the subject line of the topic to indicate that the idea is for user-adjustable fade time.
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I am not surprised that it fades in, though I am not really awake yet the Sonos alarm does seem a little less abrupt than my old clock radio. As you have realized the main point I am asking for is to allow for a gentle nudge awake rather than being jolted up. I find that the gentle alarm I had in an old mobile phone which was set to 5 minutes, which may not have been optional, was a much nicer way to wake up. If my alarm pisses me off I will silence it. With the long fade in on my old phone I would rarely, if ever, hit the snooze bar which allowed me to get my sorry self out of bed quicker.
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I LOVE waking up to music, but my partner is a much lighter sleeper. What I want to do is wake up to a very gradual increase in volume that doesn't shock me awake. To do this I set multiple alarms each with their own volume level sequentially increasing in loudness over half an hour. The problem, each new alarm is a new song, it's like ADHD radio every morning.

Can you add the ability to set an initial volume level, a final volume level and a time for the transition between the two for each alarm. If I could set one and have it increase over 15 min then stay on for an hour I could set an alarm and never have to adjust it, basically morning perfection. The music could wake me up, charge me through my morning routine and turn itself off when I leave.

Love your product, keep up the great work!!! This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled A Better Alarm,.
I would like this feature to be implemented! Right now I use my Sonos system to wake me gradually, and my cell phone to make sure that I get up. If you implemented some way to choose a start volume, a maximal volume and how long time it should use to gradually increase the volume form the start volume to the maximal volume, I would really be grateful! And I probably wouldn't be so grumpy in the morning!
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How about music transition option between songs? Not just on sleep / wake but during normal play.
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+1 on adjustable alarm fade in. 15 secs is way too fast. Been wanting that since day 1.
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I came looking for this request as I too would like my alarm to gently fade-in. John M says that "Both alarms and sleep timers have fade-in and fade-out timers ", but I cannot see this option anywhere on the Sonos PC app.

It would be ideal if the fade-in time could be user configurable, exactly as Jens suggested, ie: a start volume (for me this would be zero), a maximal volume and over what time period the alarm volume would gradually increase the volume from the start volume to the maximal volume.

Saying as Sonos offers an alarm feature, I would suggest that this option would be highly desirable for all those people who like to wake up gently and not be startled.

This gets my vote.
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I would love to have an adjustment of the Fade-In time as mentioned above!

Love my Sonos System!!!
This would be great to use with a Philips Wake Up light, not only for waking up, but also to fall asleep. So the same question for the timer. I use nature recordings on Spotify to wake me up, forest sounds work great.
This would be great to use with a Philips Wake Up light, not only for waking up, but also to fall asleep. So the same question for the timer. I use nature recordings on Spotify to wake me up, forest sounds work great.
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+1 here! Would be really nice and I could put the money for a good alarm clock aside for a half Play:1 😉
Add me to the list.  I have been searching unsuccessfully for quality sounding alarm with a "progressive" volume increase.  If Sonos could incorporate this feature, that alone would be reason enough for me to get another Sonos component and place it in my bedroom as my "clock radio".  Thank you!
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15 seconds is a little bit short; custom fadein and fadeout time would be really nice to have.
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I noticed that the fade out and fade in step is fixed. This means that if your volume is low (like 5%) the fadeout will kill the music and not fade gracefully. I am a developer and the algorithm of a correct fading should take care of this. Steps should be calculated dynamically. Let's say the fade time is 15 seconds, Sonos should take current volume and divide by 15 seconds to find the correct value of volume percentage to remove every second to go to zero. Today I use Sonos to sleep and a graceful fade out will improve my sleep. Then talking about features 15 seconds is too fast, I need to be able to set to something like 15 minutes. Make it configurable please. Also sleep time should be configurable: I want to have the possibility to set 1 minute, 10 minutes, 20 minutes... Thank you
The current fade in/out is so abrupt that if. I did not read about15 seconds here I would have thought it was less than 5 seconds. Would be great to have longer options
I just bought a sonos system and i love beeing able to set an alarm on it. But to my i am missing the ability to customize the fade-in. I want to adjust start volume, target value and duration to meet that volume.

I cant understand how this feature have been missing for so long seeing this post created over 3 years ago. Is this a lost cause? i hope not.
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At minimum volume level in a silent environment the sleep fade out just cut abruptly the music. We need more graceful steps!
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Any news?
Years are passing by...
Come on Sonos! 3 years to add user configurable fade in/out timer?
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Unbelievable that this simple feature, probably less than a day of coding, is still not here on "the first name in wireless home audio".
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Ditto timothyb. When will this feature be added...? Or at least make sleep fade longer than 15 seconds and audible fade at low volumes. It sounds like it just shuts off like @camillo777 said. Come on Sonos!
In agreement with all would like a fade in option on the alarm.. Although even 1% volume on the alarm setting is going to wake me with a shock
I want this too.
So do I: since the first day I bought my Sonos system... please!! Years are passing by! Is there a problem with adding this so useful feature?
C'mon, this would be an great improvement in combination with Hue to wake up better!