Muting all Sonos devices

  • 3 January 2018
  • 7 replies

I am unable to mute both my Playbase and my Play:1 with my remote. This was working fine for a while. Now, just the Playbase mutes when I use the remote. Both devices are tuned to my TV, but my Play:1 is set up as a separate room because I want main sound coming out of my devices (don't want stereo.)

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7 replies

The remote will only mute the speaker that is connected to the TV. The Sonos software doesn't include "grouped" rooms into that process.

Might be a good feature request for Sonos to consider, though. If I'm muting the TV, it really should mute all rooms that are "grouped" with the TV.

Now I'm going to spend an hour or two trying to figure out ways in which that would be a bad thing. 🙂
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I suppose if the source of the audio is the Optical into the Playbar or Playbase then pressing mute on the paired remote it does make sense to mute all grouped speakers with the Playbar/Base room. If, however, the source is elsewhere then, for me, it doesn't make sense for the TV remote to even work to control the group volume let alone mute it (I've never tried it but what happens if you do that?).
Ah, excellent point. And I'd certainly agree. Which makes implementation all that much harder, as it would need to check source before taking action.
I would like to customize the mute buttons in my system such that pressing mute only mutes that room...even when I have several rooms grouped together. When I have a group of rooms playing music, if my wife presses mute on the speaker in her room, it mutes the speaker out in the garage as well for example. Any way to do this? Or thoughts of adding this capability?

Yes there is ... see my screenshot attached... just press the little speaker icon on the left of the volume slider for the room... the rooms volume-controls pop out the main 'group' volume slider when you 'long press' on it.
I am aware of this in the PC or iPhone interface. What I am referring to is someone pressing the play/pause button on one of the grouped speakers and having it pause all of the speakers in the group. Would be nice if it only paused the one room and left the others in the group playing. Thanks!!

Sorry, my mistake, I obviously misread your post.