Why do the update keep failing for Sonoma 14

  • 20 November 2023
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Why do updates keep failing?

I use an Apple MBP, M2 chip, currently running Sonoma 14.


For the last three or four updates, they have failed. I have had to delete, reinstall and rebuild the index. This is not an acceptable way to keep the software up to date. Other vendors can provide smooth app updates, why can’t Sonos?


What makes it worse is I am forced into taking the update. Even if I click to say leave it until later, I’m forced back into a dialogue box that keeps appearing until I click on Update, only to see it fail again.

When is this going to be fixed. Or should I think about upgrading to different hardware?


Even the drop down below asking for tags won’t scroll. Sonos clearly don’t invest much in software design!


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Hi @Flybridge 

Thanks for your post!

We currently do not fully support macOS13/macOS14 but are working on full support which should also solve this issue. Currently there is no timeframe to share for this resolution.

You are already aware of the process to uninstall and reinstall, but you shouldn’t need to re-index or even reconfigure the Music Library - those settings are held on the speakers and are not affected by the removal of the app.

Please also see this post which should help you skirt the reinstallation process:

I hope this helps.