the terrible app upgrade

  • 12 May 2024
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I want to revert to the previous app ASAP. This new “upgrade” is dreadful. Useful functions have disappeared and there are zero benefits to the new design. In an iPhone it’s useless, time consuming and irritating. I want a company person to tell me how to reinstall the previous app which was fine. Seems to me product managers have too little to do if all they do is mess around with a perfectly functional  app. 

3 replies

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Hi, if you have Android you can use aptoide to restore   previous app.



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I have iPhone and can’t create my own playlist. I searched for a performer and it had an auto playlist; many of the tracks I didn’t want but can’t delete them. I used to add album to the “end of queue” and then “shuffle” and then save to a playlist but that option has also disappeared.