Takes forever to get to your Apple Music library, then it's wrong

  • 31 May 2024
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Because there aren’t enough problems, here’s a minor one that’s just indicative of what a stupid app this is:

When you search for something in Apple Music, the results automatically show you the whole service, and there isn’t another option below that which is just your library like there used to be. You need to click through to the service and then click another button to switch to your library.

But wait! It gets better! Then it shows you the artist, below it are the songs, and then way below that are the albums because who listens to albums anymore? (Maybe people who are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a music listening system? Maybe?) 

Anyway it’s even better because when you get to the albums it doesn’t actually have all the albums you have on it. You can see the albums you have in your library in the song list, but they don’t actually show in your library! You have to actually search for the album name or go to the regular Apple Music tab… which shows every album by that artist instead of just the ones you want to listen to. That’s fine for artists with three albums but if you are looking at someone with 50 records it gets old fast.

Of course, an app that’s designed for people who only listen to playlists and not albums is great for someone… except you can’t add music to your playlist midflight.

Great app everyone! Real good job! Who has gotten fired yet? Who has apologized? Why are we still doing this?

1 reply

I am so disappointed. I cannot find any way to connect to my music library anymore. Furthermore, my Sonos, which I did not use for a while, do not support Airplay 2, so I would have to buy another product to stream the music throught it to my speakers.

I feel that my Sonos Play:1 are now totally useless.