Spotify Skipping Songs halfway through


When I use Sonos to play Spotify Playlists, most songs play correctly, but every few songs it will cut out halfway though the song and immediately skip to the next song on the playlist.

It doesn’t appear to happen when I play an album from Spotify (or at least I haven’t noticed it doing).

I have tried restarting my router which hasn’t fixed the issue.

Diagnostic: 1175114501

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks, Lee

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We just laugh now, it's so bad.

As far as I know there is still no official acknowledgement of the issue and look how many are reported every day here alone.


I am having the same skipping issue while playing Spotify directly from the Sonos app that started a few months ago. It would skip in the middle of a song and skip the next track as well. However, playing from the Spotify app via Spotify Connect works flawlessly so this is just happening when playing Spotify through the Sonos app. All other services that I’ve tried from the Sonos app works as well.

I have several speakers that are connected to ethernet directly and am using SonosNet. Nothing has changed with my network and everything has been working perfectly for a few years until a few months ago. I was hoping the new S2 app release was going to fix this issue but the issue still occurs.

I have posted in another similar thread with many people having the same issue so it would be great if Sonos can officially acknowledge this issue so that we all can be reassured that a fix is being worked on. Thanks.

Diagnostics: 786680544

Same issue for me and much worse with the new version 2 app. Any way to get this fixed?

Same issue for me and much worse with the new version 2 app. Any way to get this fixed?

Yes, switch music services.  I have yet to find one I like as much.  Tried Apple Music, hated it.  Using Deezer currently, its a really slick app and service, but hard to find well curated play lists.  Going to give Tidal a shot next.


I tried everything and still just kept having the same issues.  I switched to a SonosNet, tried different spotify accounts, DNS services, ran it with all of my wifi equipment off, different switches.  Drove me nuts enough that I ended my relationship with spotify.