Sources disappear from Sonos app after playing a record on the Victrola Carbon Stream turntable

  • 12 February 2024
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After playing a record on the turntable I tried to switch to the radio, but on the Sonos app the only sources showing were the old TuneIn and Music Library. New TuneIn, Apple Music, and Sonos Radio had disappeared. When I tired to select my local NPR station from the old TuneIn I get the message “Unable to Play the Radio station.” I get the same error message when I try to select another radio station,

I have had the turntable for a little more than a week. Otherwise it works well.


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3 replies

I doubt the turntable is the cause.  Try checking for updates, see if that repopulates your sources.

I checked for updates, but my Sonos app was up to date. But then suddenly the sources appeared again. I‘m not sure why. But I think there is some kind of interference from the turntable because when I move the tone arm towards the record (without actually playing a record) the Sonos system disconnects from the radio station which it had been streaming.

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That might just be the cue the Victrola gives your Sonos system it’s selected as a source.

I do reed a lot about people losing their streaming sources temporarily, probably because of an update. Turning your speakers off and on should cure this,