sonos wont play TuneIn Radio

  • 1 March 2020
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I have recently changed Wifi and have updated Sonos so it connects to the new WiFi. Problem is that since the WiFi has changed, Sonos won’t play any of my TuneIn radio stations (BBC Radio so it is still active). I have rebooted my speakers and WiFi and still can’t get the radio to work.  I have a Play 1 and Play 3 speaker and same problem exists on both.  I can play Apple Music no problem. Help!


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9 replies

Are you attempting to play the radio stations from a saved favourite link on the ‘My Sonos’ tab, or are  you selecting the station from the “Browse  / Radio by TuneIn” area in the Sonos App? If it’s the former, then maybe try deleting the link and adding it again from from the latter and see if it then works for you.


They were in my favourites and I removed them from there before I restarted the speakers. Since then I have searched for the station again and still doesn’t play

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Where are you located? The BBC have changed how their streams are exposed in the UK. Ken is in the US I believe so his experience may well differ from yours.


I’m in central Scotland. I’m also not getting Virgin Radio

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BBC2 works on Tunein, just tried it.


Well it’s not working on mine. I’ve tried all the usual troubleshooting, and it’s still not working 🤷‍♀️


I’ve decided to give up on TuneIn and have changed to My Tuner Radio as my service. Everything works as expected 😁

Hi, I've the same problem except it won't play any radio station. It's been like this for months :( anybody any suggestions, thanks? 

Thanks for the suggestion of my tuner radio.  Tunein would not play on my system after app upgrade.  MTR works great!